Bloodshed – The Awakening of Ren Kurosawa

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Chapter 9 | The Missing Daughter

(Note that the following consists of Ichigo acting out of instinct and survival)

Ichigo went to her father’s garage to look for a box to put her parents’ things in.

Tired, cold, dripping in blood, she fell to the floor and curled up into a ball for a few minutes; while Ichigo was laying on the floor she noticed a door underneath her father’s car and remembered what he said.

She opened the car’s door and got in. Ichigo put the car in reverse, let it slam against the garage door and hit her head against the steering wheel, passed out from the blow to her head.

Ichigo woke up moments later and dragged her small body out of the car, pulled herself towards the door and opened it. She felt around the inside underneath the door to feel for a light switch, but instead, Ichigo felt a staircase.

She turned her body around and climbed down the staircase. She accidentally missed a step and ended up falling down into a dark room.

She felt her way down through the dark room that the staircase led to, trying to find a light switch.
Moments later she found the light switch, when she turned on the light she felt a familiar feeling of Déjà vu; she couldn’t believe her eyes, her father had kept this a secret from her mother and herself, not only were they living in a house, but it was a house with a secret living area beneath it.

Everything was different, the first room was equipped with weapons, the next was a training centre, and the following room was a place where she could rest her little body, where she could regain her strength; there was also a room filled with books - all four walls of the library were filled from top to bottom with books.

She went further into the underground home to explore the rest of the rooms, after a while, while Ichigo was exploring her new home, she realized she had the place all to herself, and gave a wry smile for a second.

When Ichigo went back to her new bedroom, she walked past the mirror and stopped, she turned towards the mirror and took a glimpse of herself; she stood there for over ten minutes not realizing what she was doing, but just standing there staring at herself thinking(She had nothing running through her mind at the time, she was just standing there looking at herself straight into her eyes reflection), her thoughts returned and she saw how bloody her face was, her hair and clothes were too.

Ichigo started to panic and took off the bloody clothes, she ran straight to the bathroom and got into the shower cleaning her up; when she was done in the shower she actually felt better as though it was just another ordinary day at home.

She went back to her new bedroom in a towel. Her neck was feeling a little sore on the left side; she started massaging her neck, as she did so she felt something on the right side of her body and looked over to the cupboard for some reason which was unknown that felt so familiar.

For a while Ichigo was sitting on the bed and rubbing her neck with no thoughts running through her mind till she got a strange feeling as if something was touching her body, when she turned looking at her right, once again she found herself staring at the cupboard, the feeling that she felt was pulling her towards the cupboard against the wall.

Ichigo slowly walked up to it and put her hands on the cupboards door handles, gripped her hands tightly around it and pulled the door handles which made them open and a cold wind blew at her with a fresh fragrance.

It didn’t look at all like a cupboard inside she couldn’t feel nor see anything remotely close to clothing, Ichigo stepped near towards the darkness that was coming from inside the cupboard - lights automatically switched on.

The light coming from the inside of the cupboard was brighter than the lights in the rest of the room. Ichigo’s eyes started burning for a few seconds after the lights switched on and it immediately closed to cool off, a few seconds later Ichigo opened her eyes and saw a room filled with colours of black, blue, red, white, silver and purple clothing and shoes . From elegant to informal and casual wear, with accessories to fit every occasion and size.

Ichigo walked towards the clothing on her left and walked down with her hands feeling through every item that was hanging in her hands way, she noticed that most of these clothes were for someone way older than herself, but carried on with what she was doing. Ichigo came to the end of the closet and looked back at everything from this side of the closet.

The closet was huge and everything seemed and felt familiar to her. It was a troubling feeling, but never-the-less Ichigo was way too tired to question everything, after a while she walked over to the clothes that looked her size and tried them on, these were more casual and she felt comfortable within them.

She picked up the towel she had on her body and at a steady pace walked out of the closet while folding the towel up, Ichigo was now out of the huge closet, looking back into the dark cupboard like closet, she gave out a deep sigh and closed the closets doors.

She went to place the towel on the hook it was on in the bathroom near the shower and switched the bathrooms light off. She went back to her bedroom and switch the light off, she walked towards the bed and threw her on it and within seconds Ichigo was asleep.

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