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Lena Daxton-bartender at Too Tipsy with a thirst for adventure and adrenaline rushes. When Lena pisses off the wrong guy, she paints a target on her back but she's not one to back down. Despite her father's lack of presence in her life, Lena chose to never turn out like the villain he was. Her family's dead to her but does that mean that Lena can't have friends? This is just the beginning of wonderful friendships growing between a badass female and a bunch of guys who are willing to fight for her, even if she's trained in martial arts. The real question becomes, will Lena make it out alive from the past she's tried so hard to subdue or will her desire to protect her friends be her downfall?

Action / Humor
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Maybe the Ants Will Find Him

"You're going to get yourself killed!" my best friend Justin whisper shouted at me. I was 10 ft off the ground, climbing up a pipe to break into his step-brother Jeremy's apartment at 1 a.m.

"You'll catch me if I fall. If you don't, I'll come back to haunt your ass," I hissed back. I hoisted myself over the windowpane and crept into Jeremy's room.

He was snoring as loud as a fucking chainsaw. Where would you keep blackmail papers? I looked under his bed and saw a mess but a teal folder caught my eye. I checked it and saw the will but there was no sign of the house's deed.

When Nala, Justin's sister died in a car crash, his step-brother Jeremy stole Justin's apartment along with his mother's will that had the deed to the house. So, here I was, breaking into private property. Jeremy would look nice with some honey in his hair and whipped cream on his face.

I crept down the stairs to the kitchen and looked for some sticky substances. Hm, no whipped cream or honey. Looks like Nutella will be a good substitute. I grabbed the bottle and tip-toed up the stairs.

I took his phone and dipped it into the jumbo Nutella bottle. I snickered quietly and began to lather his arms, face, and hair with hazelnut chocolate. Good thing Jeremy sleeps like the dead. Touching Jeremy sent me into a flashback, one which I fought so hard to bottle up and shove into the ba

Hands all over my body, eyes wandering. His face was too close to mine. I fought to get away but lacked the strength. Two familial people stood and watched.


I felt powerless.

I gasped quietly and pinched myself to remind myself that I was here for Justin. It wasn't a time to fall back into painful memories.

I snapped a picture of my beautiful creation and crept towards the window. Justin looked relieved and met my eyes, ready to catch me if I fell. I tucked the file and my phone into my bomber jacket.

I was halfway down the pipe when I heard it creak and my eyes widened in trepidation. "Shit," I muttered as I felt myself fall from the dangling pipe. I loosened my body and braced for impact.

The ground never came and a grunt from Justin told me that he kept his promise of catching me. "Never. Again," he growled at me. I let go of him and grabbed his arm to drag him towards the fence we'd climbed.

"Did you know that I'm an amazing artist Justin?" I asked as I made it over the fence.

"Lena, you can't draw for shit." He paused. "What did you do?" Justin asked nervously.

I whipped out my phone as we walked to his car. "Scroll right," I said.

His reaction was immediate. "Oh my fucking God. You didn't Lena." He started shaking from laughing hysterically.

"I totally just did. Nutella's tasty, maybe the ants will find his body before he wakes. Payback's a bitch," I snorted.

We got into Justin's car and I said, "I'm sorry I couldn't get your house deed but I did find something else." I handed him his Mom's will.

He looked at me in shock and gingerly took the file from my hands. "Thank you, Lena. Don't you ever pull any crazy shit like that again though. You could've gone 'splat' all over the grass."

I wasn't one for openly showing affection but I leaned over the console and gave him a one-armed hug. And I fuckin' hated hugs because people squeezed the shit out of my back for no reason. "Don't worry, next time you can climb. I don't think I'll be able to catch you though."

Justin snickered and said, "Maybe not but I'm sure your crazy self would come up with a wacky solution to my impending death."

I checked the time and saw that I'd have to get up in a few hours. Justin's bleached brown hair shone in the moonlight as he read over the will briefly. Sharp jawline, light brown facial hair, and thick brown eyelashes composed his face. Justin was truly handsome.

He swiped at his dark brown eyes to hide his watery eyes from me. I acted like I didn't see him tear up. Would he hate me in the future if he found out the truth behind his family's death? "Yo Clyde, Bonnie wants to go home."

"Bonnie's wish is my command," he played along.

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