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A young girl who was born by mistake so her parents throw her out, when she turned 3 she wondered the streets to find them she had no luck. Until she knocked on one door with an old man she asked him questions and he answered then took her in as his own. Lets just say it didnt go so well for her the rest of the years, so she ran away to never be found again.

Action / Drama
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Chapter 1

Hi, my name is Angela I'm just a little bean at the moment in my mother's tummy i never knew her people say that i never had one but i don't believe them. As i was born i couldn't see but i could hear and what i heard was "ew" that was the first word that came out my mum's mouth i didn't understand what it meant at first but now i do.

On our car journey home all i remember is driving a couple miles away from the hospital and then just stopped in the middle of nowhere i was picked up and thrown on the floor just left there to possibly die. Everyday that went by people walked past staring at me but they never said a word, i would just cry, laugh, moan or sleep like a nirmal baby would do but im not a normal baby. When i turned 1 years old i would walk around on my two legs in circles until i got dizzy and fell asleep although i couldnt sleep very much because all i heard around me where voices or noises so that's when i got the idea to go and search for my family.

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