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Chapter 2

Today was my third birthday and that was the day i would set out on my journey, so i picked up my lucky blanket and teddy and just walked sround the neighbourhood knocking on each door asking questions about me and them they were all a fail but the people were extra nice and gave me some food, new clothing and some toys. I was still super upset that none of them were what im looking for, so i settled down underneath a tree, layed my blanket out and just slept.

Before you know it it was dawn, so i tried the rest of the houses all fails too so i went around again asking for a map so i could look which direction to go to another set of houses luckily one did and gave it to me so i set off again tobseach for my long lost family. It was cold and wet so i stopped and waited for the rain to pass it was a good couple hours but the rain did go in the end so i got up and started walking i reached for the map and it was blured from the rain i couldnt understand anything on it so i threw it away and had to walk from my mind map. It was hard but i did end up reaching a block of houses but that would take me days and it looked a bit rusty and old i thought for a bit and just said to myself "fine I'll do it" i settled down again for the sun to come back up.

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