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"So light em up up up, light em up up up, light em up up up, I'm on fire So light em up up up, light em up up up, light em up up up, I'm on fire" Ivy Parker. 17. Senior at Atlantic High. Heavy smoker, and risk taker. "Don't mess with her if you want to live." "I heard she killed someone. Shot them right in the head!" "I heard she knocked someone out with one punch!" "Yeah, well I heard she's the leader of a gang!" But those are just rumours. Right? Right?! That's what most people think. These tales of horrors she had committed are just rumours. She hasn't stained her heart, right? But, they don't know the truth. That even if she did do all those things, that she may have a reason for it. All they do it spread rumours, and gossip about anything remotely interesting because their lives are just that miserable. Ivy Parker. 17. Senior at Atlantic High. Heavy smoker, and risk taker.

Reem Al Lawati
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1. IVY PARKER (Portrayed by Amanda Steele)

- FULL NAME: Ivy Jade Parker
- AGE: 17
- EDUCATION: Atlantic High
(i) PARENTS: Both deceased.
(ii) SIBLINGS: One brother, Jacob Parker. One sister, Demi Parker, deceased.

(ii) After everything, Ivy started smoking. She finds comfort in it. Her friends tried to stop her at first, but they soon realised that it was keeping her sane and without it, she would go mad.

2. JACOB PARKER (Portrayed by Ezra Miller)

- FULL NAME:Jacob Elijah Parker
- AGE:16
- EDUCATION:Atlantic High
(i) PARENTS:Both deceased.
(ii) SIBLINGS:Two sisters, Ivy Parker, alive. And Demi Parker, deceased

3. CALEB MARTIN (Portrayed by Wesley Tucker)

- FULL NAME:Caleb Harrison Martin
- AGE:17
- EDUCATION:Atlantic High
(i) PARENTS:Both alive. Mother works as a nurse in the hospital, and father owns and works in his car repair shop.
(ii) SIBLINGS:One sister, Beatrice Martin

4. SIERRA BLACK (Portrayed by Shay Mitchell)

- FULL NAME:Sierra Luna Black
- AGE:17
- EDUCATION:Atlantic High
(i) PARENTS:Father passed away, heart attack, and she lives with her mother who works as a model, and is almost never home. Completely neglects her.
(ii) SIBLINGS:None

5. LILY MOON (Portrayed by Ming Xi)

- FULL NAME:Lily Angela Moon
- AGE:17
- EDUCATION:Atlantic High
(i) PARENTS:Both alive. Father works as a doctor at the hospital, and mother is a stay-at-home mother/house wife.
(ii) SIBLINGS:One sister, Anna Moon.

6. LEVI ROONEY (Portrayed by Caleb Burton)

- FULL NAME:Levi Benjamin Rooney
- AGE:17
- EDUCATION:Atlantic High
(i) PARENTS:Both deceased. He lives with his uncle, who works as a Professor in a university half an hour away.
(ii) SIBLINGS:One brother, Julian Rooney.

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