Casey Johnston and The Mysticals of Nine

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My fist imprinted into the steel of the locker I felt strong, and scared at the same time I was excited and curious, after school I went into an alleyway and tried testing out this strength that I’d discovered, it was the same alleyway I was in the night prior and I let loose my emotions toward an old car and it is obliterated in an instant and I’m left feeling paralyzed as I run home and get ready for Lucy’s party my brother pops in and asks if I’m ready, “be quiet” I chastised as we snuck out “Alright, ground rules firstly, no acting like a dork, secondly don’t talk to my friends and finally and this is crucial” he looks at me as if about to say “tell me more” but instead I smile slyly and chuckle “have fun” he slugs me in the arm I’ll get him back later. When we’re halfway there I feel danger around I put my arm out and I stop Brandon as a hole forms in front of us and a demon jumps out.

“So, this is the level 7, Hunley couldn’t bag?” great, I didn’t think I’d run into another one of these guys, perfect... This demon looked at me with the most hate-filled eyes, more than Hunley’s had, and at this moment I wished someone could just show up and take care of it but, I guess that I’m handling this one on my own. “who’s that?!” Brandon stammered in fear “WHAT IS THAT?!” I swallowed the lump in my throat damn it, why did it have to be with my little brother I thought to myself as I planned an escape, but of course the only place to run was back home, and that would put my family in danger I had to fight this thing, lest it kill me. I was scared but I had to be strong because my baby brother was freaking out and if I did the same then he’d kill us both “so, is this one also a mystical as well?”

I broke through my initial fear and stood my ground “leave him out of this!” I screamed as I covered my brother with my right arm “I’ll take that as a no” the demon grinned as he tried to charge at us, I held my brother close to me screaming in fear “NO!” I open eyes to see that we’re somewhere else not away from the demon but, we had somehow appeared behind the demon who looked understandably confused “ah, teleportation huh? Neat, too bad it won’t save you though.” he charged us again, I ran dragging my brother behind me but he kept his promise and sure enough he sent me and Brandon flying backward.

I got up groaning my leg still hurt from last night but, I was determined to fight back this time. I couldn’t let this thing hurt my brother I wouldn’t forgive myself if Brandon got hurt, so with all my strength I stood up and picked up a mailbox from the yard of a neighbor, then chucked it toward the demon, who dodged it swiftly and shot fire from his palms that scorched my arm, grimacing in pain I got up and charged at this demon who in turn snapped and I fell to my knees. Paralyzed, I couldn’t move and Brandon was confused as he tried to help me up “Come on Casey, come on!” he cried as I fought against the gravity pushing me down to the ground but it was no use.

“Pathetic, this is what a Seven is capable of?” the demon asked as tears streamed down my face, “I don’t know what you’re talking about!” I cried, as I continued to struggle against the force holding me down “Well, then a Mystical who doesn’t know she’s a mystical, so much fear I sense.” he stalked closer as if to end a game he was playing, whistling a tune of triumph as if he’s won something, Brandon stood in front of me “Brandon, don’t...” I try to say as he stands a protector.

“You, stay away from her you hear, I will not allow you to hurt her, you’ll have to go through me!” the demon chuckled as he leered for a moment and then as suddenly as he appeared, he disappeared, or so I thought because the next time I saw him he was apprehended by a group of people. One of them walked over to me, and snapped thus releasing me from my prison of gravity, however, he didn’t seem to be happy it seemed he was content in giving me a stern talking to then, he reached his hand out to help me up, "My name is Chandler Dubois I'm the leader of Nine" He smiled as I outstretched my own hand to take his, and he looked back at the demon "Lynn's sure vindictive to go after a teen girl and her brother in the middle of the night" I wasn't happy with the night's events, but whatever I was just happy to be alive and I wasn't willing to let it affect my mood so I slapped on a happy face.

"Casey Johnston" I replied introducing myself and trying my best to seem brave, inside, however, I was terrified I'd never before encountered a demon, I didn't even know there were actually demons in the world, I thought they were just fiction, creatures to be seen in TV like Lucifer, or Supernatural and stuff like that I never once considered could be real, "So, Casey do you know why demons are coming after you?" He said as I brushed myself off and blew my hair out of my face, I looked at him intrigued and confused "No, I have no clue why I'm being attacked by things that shouldn't exist." He chuckled as the others finished up rangling the demon and then he began to walk away, "What do you do with these things?" I asked but he was already gone along with the group of people and the demon.

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