Law of Beasts 7: KLEOPHA

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Forty centuries has passed since Alicia Chay (Kleopha Achieng) buried Armona alive. Now that Armona, the Original Queen Mother, has been resurrected, she cemented her rise to prominence through multiple blood sacrifices. As expected, she has erected a new Cabinet, a New Supernatural World Order and a new King, Baudelaire...formally known as Jayshion. However, Kleopha has managed to kill the five hundred foot Gatekeeper Serpent, Splitahmus, stop the Imposing War between the Wolf and Lion Tribes, eradicated two parts of Armona (Her Soul and Her Ghost) unknowing to the Queen Herself, that lives and reigns in Kleopha’s biological flesh. and destroys an Elitist church as she sets to marry herself in a private ceremony. In LAW OF BEASTS, BOOK 7: KLEOPHA...before the I Do's, Doneshius appears with a “Plus One) to the emotional event, questioning her motives. Plagued with a malicious venom, from Armona's Ghost’s attack as The Phoenix, she has amnesia and does not remember that she was carrying twins. Inevitably, when Doneshius’s “Plus One” approaches Kleopha in the middle of a Winter Wedding, the reverted evangelist, that turned her back of a thirty nine billion dollar enterprise, not only faces her flaws from the past, but after learning who she (the Plus One) is... Will she cancel her wedding...? Or will four words spoken from a strange girl change her life. Forever...,

Action / Thriller
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Previously on Beasts book 6

Together we worship Armona, the Queen Mother!
We vow to remain loyal to her, this we promise with our lives, they said together. We are committed to the rising of her system of things and anyone opposed to her policies, principles and ideals will suffer the wrath.

There was thunderous applause and just the sun trekked towards the top of the morning gigantic shadows loomed above the coliseum with clouds for eyes and distorted lips.

Those mindless mortals began to celebrate my coming. I smiled at their insolence and their ignorance. I actually laughed into the sky, licking my fangs. They began to parade around the coliseum, waving at my new chain of command, my new council and my new representatives of the Vãticäh of Armona.

One by one, and then in groups and packs and cliques everyone stopped laughing and smiling. The whimsical music and the carefully articulate rhythm ceased.

I eyed them all, swallowing the lump in my throat. “I am sorry to inform you that today mark the start of a new beginning, a new Dynasty, a new system of things. Kleopha is dead and gone! There is no more Alicia Chay. Anyone that utters her name dies on the spot. Anyone thinks of her you are going to die on the spot.”

The shadows dropped on the ground and they began to run in numbers, trampling over each other and demons jumped from the shadows and black parachutes fell towards the coliseum and each peasant mortal and secret vampire and the ones outside the coliseum were taken into custody and handcuffed with thorns and steel and formed into massive organized lines to be led outside of the coliseum.

Laughing with the book of thunder, Operation Stripped, the New Order, has officially begun.

Martial Law...

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