The Hooded Luna:Kidnapped

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Phoenix Smith thought her life was going to be ok-that was before she’d been taken anyway.She’s stuck in a basement being tortured over and over until she’s agreed to listen to the man that has kidnapped her.What happens when everything Phoenix thought she knew was a lie?What happens when her world is flipped upside down because Michael Carson decided to? I guess it’s time to find out in book two of THE HOODED LUNA I present to you KIDNAPPED. Enjoy...

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1~Listen

“Kenzie their coming.” I whispered turning towards her.Her eyes immediately filled with tears and I quickly went by her side and wrapped my arms around her.

“It’s ok.You’re going to be ok.” I whispered to her though we both knew it was a lie.No matter how hard or how long we fought the repercussions would always be worse.

“The master wants to know if you have agreed to behave.” Luca said as a guard unlocked the gate.His italian accent was heavy as if he’d been speaking it his whole life.He shrugged off his suit jacket and handed it to the guard before rolling up his shirt sleeves as if he already knew where this was going to go.

“Tell your master to kiss my a-” My response was caught off with a smack to the face.My head turned on impact and I bit my lip hard to hold in the tears as my cheek started to burn from the pain.

“Don’t speak ill of the reason you are alive.” Luca growled grabbing my face and turning it towards him.Tears filled my eyes but I refused to let a single one fall.I tightened my grip on Kenzie before spitting in his face.

“Fuck your master.” I growled out slowly.Luca slowly wiped the spit off of his face and when he looked back up at me his wolf had taken control but he was still in his human form.His hand fell from my face to around my neck and he picked me up before slamming me against the wall.I kept my eyes on him despite the fact that I was starting to lose consciousness.

“Watch your tongue before I take it.” Luca warned as he slowly brought his other hand up showing me his claws.His grip seemed to tighten around my neck and he cut my neck where my first mark from Alex was.My heart clenched at the thought of him and tears started to form in my eyes.Luca smirked sadistically as if he thought I was going to cry because of him.I pushed the thought to the side and closed my eyes tightly willing the tears to go away.When I opened my eyes they were dry and the anger was clear in Luca’s eyes.

“Stop.” Kenzie pleaded as she slowly stood up using the wall for support.Luca opened his mouth to say something but then closed it as if realizing something.My eyes started to shut and I was more than open to welcoming the darkness but before I could fully fall unconscious Luca slipped his hand from around my neck letting me fall to the ground.I coughed harshly as I tried to force air back into my lungs.Luca softly put his finger under my chin before tilting my head up.

“Don’t touch me.” I whispered harshly pulling my head away from him.Luca chuckled before kicking me in my rib cage and walking over to Kenzie.He grabbed her by her hair and pulled her into him roughly.

“You will listen to the master or I’ll turn my attention to her.” Luca warned running his claw down her side.When I didn’t make a move to answer he smirked evilly before digging his claw into her skin and scratching his claw down her stomach.Kenzie’s screams filled the room and my heart immediately clenched.

“S-stop.” I mumbled weakly as I tried to stand.

“Don’t Phoenix I can handle this.” Kenzie mumbled weakly as she tried to keep her eyes open.I smiled at her bravery before turning my attention back to Luca.

“Tell him I’ll meet with him.” I said softly.Luca turned toward the guard he walked in with and snapped his finger.The guard nodded as if that was the command and immediately left the room.

“Now for making me do all that work. I think I’m going to torture her anyways.” Luca said before scratching the other side of her stomach.

“Over my dead body.” I said angrily as I tried to stand and make my way to him.Luca threw his head back and laughed and I couldn’t tell if it was at my threat or my struggle.

“It’s that fire that’ll make you a good queen.” An older voice laced with a heavy italian accent said from the top of the stairs.I immediately recognized it as the voice of the person that kidnapped me and I felt my anger start to rise but I swallowed it back down knowing I couldn't actually do anything.

“Phoenix.” Kenzie said softly before her eyes shut and she started to fall forward.I caught her before she made contact with the ground and hugged her into me.I pulled my shirt off before dipping it into a bucket of water we had been given a couple of days ago.I squeezed the water out before I started wiping the blood on Kenzie’s body off the best I could.I could feel eyes on me but I kept my eyes down and focused on what I was doing.

“I’ve been told you’ll listen.” He said leaning against the door frame.I nodded my head in answer as I kept my eyes on Kenzie.

“I’ll listen if you have somebody take care of Kenzie.” I said looking up at him.He looked down at Kenzie and then back at me.

“You already agreed to listen.” Luca growled taking a step towards me.

“Please.She’s dying her wounds won’t heal and she needs food.I’ll do anything just take care of her.” I begged softly.

"And you?What about your wounds?" He asked.

"I'll be fine." I whispered but we both knew that was a lie.The man smiled and nodded his head.

“Sta per fare la regina perfetta, no?Mettendo al primo posto il suo popolo.” He asked Luca who was still staring at me(She’s going to make the perfect queen, no?Putting her people first.)

“I’m still debating.” Luca said reaching for Kenzie.I immediately shook my head and hugged her tighter into me.

“You want somebody to take care of her, no?” Luca asked squatting in front of me.

“I don’t trust you.You did this to her.” I said shaking my head again.

“You wouldn’t listen.” He argued back.

“Give her to him.” The man growled from the top of the stairs.

“Please don’t hurt her anymore.” I pleaded looking Luca in his eyes.His eyes warmed a fraction as he nodded his head in promise and took her in his arms.

“Take care of her and put her in the room.” The man said to Luca as he walked past him.Luca nodded his head but kept walking.

“Are you going to kill me?” I asked slowly getting up.

“I would’ve done it already.Let’s go we have a lot to talk about, no?” He said gesturing for me to follow after him.I slowly nodded my head before slowly climbing up the stairs and following after him.

“As long as I behave no harm will come to Kenzie right?” I asked as we turned out of the basement.

“Si.” He said nodding his head(yes).As soon as we stepped into the main part of the house my jaw dropped.The mansions foyer was Gold and I had no doubt in my mind it was all real.There was a gold chandelier hanging from the middle of the room and the front door was a huge gold double door guarded by two huge guards and I’d bet money there were another pair on the other side of the door.A small table sat in the middle of the room that was also gold and had a flower pot sitting on top of it which surprisingly wasn't made of gold.There were double stairs on the walls opposite of each other that both lead to the top and were gold at the bottom but lead to black at the top.

“It’s beautiful.” I whispered under my breath.

“Grazie.Mia moglie designed it-she designed the whole house." He said with a small smile( My wife).I turned to see he had stopped walking and was waiting for me to follow him.

“Prego.” I mumbled speaking the little italian that I did know.

“You speak italian?” The man asked continuing to walk and leaving me to follow him.

“A little.A friend taught me a few words.” I said softly as I ran a hand through my hair.

“Matteo?” He asked stopping in front of a brown door.

“Yes.” I said suspiciously.

“I’ve been watching you for years cara.” He said simply before opening the door(Dear).He stepped in leaving me to follow behind him once again.My jaw dropped again as I took in the room.This room was different than the foyer.It was all brown and although big was just a simple office-is what I would have thought if there weren’t stairs leading to a room that I couldn’t see into from where I stood, the glass windows, stainless all white carpet on the ground that looked new, and the huge fancy TV mounted against the wall.

“Will you tell me what’s going on now please?” I whispered softly as I brought my attention to him.

“Si piccolo." He said gesturing for me to take a seat(Yes little one).

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