World's End (On Going)

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Shiro Kamui, a mentally disturbed boy with a fondness for killing soon finds himself in a situation that involves the worlds destruction. Not only does he have to save the world but also the only girl who has ever loved him and the only woman who took care of him. Alone in a world of power and deceit, our seriously badass protagonist has to find every way to survive and kill to save the world.

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Part 1

Chapter 1


'School is starting in an hour and I take more than that to get ready.' My name is Shiro Kamui and I'm a high school first year at Tokyo Academy, I live alone in my apartment. It's really not a problem for me especially since I'm not a big fan of socializing with people and I don't pretty much have anyone I can call a friend or even an acquaintance. My parents died when I was still five years old because I killed them, my aunt kept me from being arrested by framing my uncle who was her husband making him look like he killed my parents. To this day I don't understand why she did that but I'm not one to pry and since she pays for everything like my bills, my groceries and my other needs, I shouldn't ask. '07:30,' I said to myself as I looked at my wrist watch, locked the door and headed downstairs, 'Oh hello there young fella,' an old man who lives on the same floor as me greeted me with a warm smile, 'I see that you are late for school today. Would you like me to drive you there?' I looked at him with a cold look as if he was just another thing bothering me then I continued to exit the building.

'My my, that boy has issues.' I got outside and looked up at the scorching sun and wished that I would take the air conditioning from my apartment with me.

'07:45. Screw it I'm late,' I said to myself as I arrived at the bus stop. In my mind I was considering the fact that I might have missed the bus but yet I still sat there waiting for it. '08:10, maybe I should have accepted the lift from that old man.'

'Late again, my little nephew?' A voice came from in front of me, I raised my head to see my aunt in her black Suzuki Swift, 'Well what are you waiting for? Hop in already.' I entered the car and we took off. My aunts name is Candice Kamui, she is a thirty-two year old woman that looks like she's still in college, a pale white body any man would die for, lips as soft as a feather, a voice that is as sweet as a three year olds, silky smooth blonde hair that goes down to her knees, black eyes that seem to look into your soul, a strong perfume smell that would never go unnoticed by anyone and a seductive side that would make any man fall in love. She's the perfect demon if you ask me, 'Sorry I didn't wake you up this morning, I hope you're not mad at me,' she said as she put her left hand on my head. I kept quiet and faced forward, ignoring what she had just said, 'You've been so cold ever since you killed your parents. How long has it been again?' She looked at me as we stopped by the traffic lights.

'It's been twelve years,' I responded with a smile.

'Why did you do it anyways,' she asked me with a tone that sounded like a tease.

'How could I not,' I chuckled, 'they were beings that disgusted me and I decided to end them.' Those words made my aunt look at me with a proud smile then she continued driving. My parents were psychopaths that were arrested for various multiple homicidal murders but for some reason they got out of prison with no problem, after they got married they had me and my twin brother whom they put in foster care and kept me. Since I was born they would lose their minds and hit me as if I was nothing but a doll, I had a lot of hospital admissions since I was one years old. Growing up in pain and suffering caused by the same people who should protect me and love me ended up driving me mad and one night right after dinner I went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife, hid it under my shirt and went to sit down, I already knew what would happen because every night after dinner they would come to me while I watched TV and start torturing me, but at that time my mind became more vigilant and I knew what I had to do. As they approached me I acted defense less as usual until they were in the proximity for me to stab them, I first stabbed my father in the throat then my mother tried to attack me but I launched myself from the sofa and stabbed both her eyes then stabbed her multiple times in the abdomen. Blood was all over the place, with two dead bodies on the ground. I felt no sense of fear or regret only an adrenaline rush that made me feel alive, I felt like what I just did was amazing. I wouldn't be surprised though, I am the son of two psychopaths. Ever since then I've been killing people for fun and my aunt is aware of it but never says anything. 'We're here,' she said as she parked her car, unfastened her seatbelt and we got out, as we entered the empty halls of the school she gave me a kiss on the lips and headed for the faculty office. I walked through the hall and entered my classroom, 'You're late you little runt! How many times-' the teacher was interrupted by the intercom announcement calling for him in the faculty office. {I swear I'll kill that bastard one day} I thought to myself as I made my way to the back of the class to take my seat in the right corner of the class ignoring everyone who was looking at me and started staring out the window.

Chapter 2


He's late again today, not that its new. I should go over and give him my notes so he can copy. I got up from my desk and headed towards Shiro Kamui, the most enigmatic boy in our class and by far the only person that peeks my interest. 'Hi Kamui-kun,' I greeted him with a warm smile, he turned to look at me slowly with his eyes looking as life less as ever, 'How may I help you Mei Misaki?' He responded with a tone that sounded more like a "get away from me tone" but I have to try and talk to him without feeling intimidated, 'I just wanted to give you my notes so you can copy. I mean you can take them if you want but if-'

'Thanks, I'll take them,' he took the notes and started writing them down. I returned to my seat with my face all flushed, I was able to speak to the most hottest guy in class. I fell in love with Shiro Kamui when I was in middle school, I was being bullied by some boy named Kujiro. He would always take my lunch, steal my bag and my home shoes and sometimes even tease me to the extent that I would cry and there was nothing I could do. One day he put a love letter in my locker pretending to be someone else, the letter read; MEET ME BEHIND THE SCHOOL, AFTER SCHOOL. I'LL BE WAITING FOR YOU. LOVE ANONYMOUS. As a young middle school girl I had various crushes that I wanted to date and after I read this letter I got excited thinking it was one of them but little did I know what I was in for. I waited for everyone to leave at school then I went behind the school, when I got there I found Kujiro and his five friends waiting for me, they grabbed me and forced me into a corner then ordered me to strip my clothes off. I refused but they ripped them off by force, I screamed and yelled as they tried to rape me but no one came to my aid. I tried to push them away but they overpowered me, just as the worst was about to happen to me a voice came from behind them, 'Hey, don't you think it's kind of dumb to try and rape a girl at school?' They all turned to see who it was and Kamui-kun was standing there, 'What the fuck are you doing here punk?! Get lost before we beat the hell out of you,' Kujiro said as he approached him and pushed him, Shiro hit Kujiro in the throat with a fist then kicked him unconscious. The rest of them tried to attack but he knocked them all unconscious one by one until none of them were standing. My head was hurting and I was feeling dizzy because of screaming for help, the next thing I knew I was unconscious on the ground. When I came to, I found my head on Kamui-kun's lap and with my clothes on. It was already dark and my head was feeling fuzzy. 'You're finally awake? Great then, now I can go and eat. I called a cab for you, it should be arriving in the next few minutes.' I wanted to say thank you but my voice couldn't come out, then I fell asleep and found myself on my bed the next morning. I was saved by this cute white haired boy, with grey eyes, a scar on his left eye as if he was cut with a knife, a low, cold deep voice that would make you feel uneasy, a lifeless expression that made him look like he didn't have a care in the world and an unknown personality, from then on I vowed to help him in any way because I owe him my life and most of all I love him. 'Hey! Snap out of it. You've been staring at that weirdo since he got in here,' the girl sitting in front of me tapped my shoulder making me notice her. Hazuto Shisuki, a friend of mine from junior high. We sat in the same row and since first year in junior high she's been sitting in front of me ever since. Her personality is quite appealing to everyone but in truth, I never really liked her. The fact that I felt she was prettier than me made me dislike her, her skinny figure, big boobs, short silky brunette hair and an almost tanned skin tone made me feel jealous everytime I would look at her.

'He's not a weirdo, he's awesome,' I proclaimed as I blushed and looked at him again then looked at Hazuto, she gave me a weird smile as if saying "you're stupid" then faced forward. In truth I didn't care if no one liked him or not or if people wanted to reject him because all I knew was that I was not going to let anything or anyone hurt him.

Chapter 3


The teacher returned and stood in front of the class and apologized for swearing at me. It was an everyday ritual so I didn't really pay attention, all I did was just stare out the window. Class went on as usual and lunch time arrived. Since I don't have anyone I can call a friend all I ever did was either eat lunch with my aunt or alone in the class and since I didn't pack any lunch today I'm pretty sure my aunt would bring me lunch. My aunt is obsessed with me as if I were her lover, I don't complain though because honestly in my life she has taken the role of everyone, from a mom, to a dad, to a girlfriend and even a friend, its no wonder I don't socialize. Everytime I don't have lunch with me at school she would come to school and take me out then bring me back when lunch is over, its been something she's been doing ever since I started school under her care but there is one thing that makes me feel strange and yet I enjoy it, the fact that she treats me as a lover. 'Hey Kamui-kun. Do you wanna eat lunch together?' Mei Misaki, the same girl I saved back in middle school. It wasn't my intention to save this short, cute, blue eyed red head who was about to get raped by a couple of idiots but I felt like punching someone that day so I decided to beat those guys up. Ever since then she's been attached to me and I don't like it. My phone rang and I picked it up, ignoring Mei's request. {I'M HERE SWEETIE LETS GO}, I put my phone away so that the teachers wouldn't find me using it then ran to the school gate to meet my aunt. It is forbidden for kids to leave the school during school hours but I was never forbidden to do anything. My aunt is somewhat scary to the teachers or maybe she threatens them but whatever she's doing is making me live life like a king. Lunch ended and my aunt took me back to school. Walking through the hallway I could feel the atmosphere changing because of me, everyone was looking at me like I was some sort of devil walking amongst them. Fear, hate and tension filled the air and it wasn't something new. 'Hey you little screw up!' An upperclassmen stood in front of me, his name is Keichiro Fuzakawa. A stuck up bully from class 3-D with nothing to do except bully other children for their money or make them do his homework, I ignored him and tried to pass but his two friends stood in my way.

'You think you are so cool with your cold attitude and good looks?'

'Yeah this punk needs to be taught how to be human,' Nikota Haise and Tokiya Surigama also from class 3-D made their snyde remarks trying to look cool and scary in front of the other learners. I was never a person who likes talking nor am I a person who likes entertaining idiocy but I do love fighting and killing because they make my blood rush and that's a feeling I don't hesitate to feel over and over. I took a deep breath and kicked Keichiro in the stomach then jumped to kick his head, making him hit the wall and fall unconscious. The other two looked at me and attacked, I dodged Tokiya's attack and sweeped him off his feet, while in mid-air I kicked his chest sending him sliding halfway across the hallway. I turned to look at Nikota but he was already near me and kicked me in the face, I stepped back and shook of the pain then ran towards him. I posed a fake jump and he fell for it, jumping with me and trying to kick me I dodged his attack then landed and grabbed his leg then hit him on the ground with his head. My little fight against three upperclassmen was over, the hallway went silent. I fixed my uniform and headed for my classroom. In any case I should have been reprimanded for fighting at school but this time no such thing happened to me all I got were looks from the teachers and learners, its my first time fighting in public and I must say I really enjoyed it. School ended and I stayed in class as usual, I live alone in a huge apartment with three bedrooms each with a toilet, spacious kitchen, spacious dining area a hundred square meter glass that you can see as soon as you enter the apartment and a perfect view of the Tokyo city. My aunt really did pull out all the stops to get me the place not to mention the funiture. She won't be coming to my place tonight because she has to go to an event for her company so I have to cook for myself, what a nightmare. At least if I had a friend. Miss Candice Kamui is the CEO of Suzuki Motors and a subtle one at that, she would never show that she is a woman of power and great connections. She owns a company that creates cars every year but yet she chooses to only drive a simple black Suzuki Swift, it's strange. I personally think there is more to her than just owning a company, I just have the gut feeling she's not filthy rich from just being the CEO of a multimillion yen company. Even so I never feel the need to pry on her life.

Chapter 4


It's already after school and I have club activities - damn it. He rejected my offer to eat lunch with him again today, how sad. Today I heard that Kamui-kun was in a fight with class 3-D's upperclassmen, I really hope he's okay but what am I saying? I know that he won even so, I'm worried if maybe he could have been hurt. '16:15,' I said to myself as I looked at my wrist watch, 'he probably hasn't left class yet. I should go check.' I went to the clubroom to deliver the papers they asked for and headed to class. I found him still sitting there, staring outside the window. 'Umm, Kamui-kun can we walk home together today?' He turned to look at me slowly again and gave me the same look as he usually gives me, reached for his bag and took my notebook out then gave it to me. He stood up and said thanks the same way he said it this morning, grabbed his bag and left. I smiled as I watched him close the door behind him. Honestly I never get hurt by his ignorance towards me or his cold attitude, I love everything about him and it seems the more he pushes me away, the more he draws me closer to him. A lot of people have asked me what I see in him and I would answer them with these words, 'He is different from everyone, his eyes look into a different world that none of us can hope to understand. He doesn't think or see things like other people and he is much more interesting than basic people. I don't understand why but I love him and only have eyes for him.' People never understand these words but I know what they mean to me, at first I only loved him because he saved me from something that even today, could have been traumatic to me but as time went by I felt myself drawing closer and closer to him and to the extent that I feel attached to him and obsessed about him. My room is filled with secret pictures that I took of him and his name is written on everyone of my belongings, he's not my first crush but he's my first love. 'I don't know where he lives but maybe I can follow him just to know,' I mumbled to myself as I showed a fiendish smile, took my bag and followed him home. Throughout the entire way I kept a safe distance just so he wouldn't notice that I was following him. He kept stopping at every convenient store as if comparing prices for different items then buying them, it was getting dark and my parents would probably get worried so I quickly called them and said I'd be late for club reasons; they bought my story. Getting bored of following him for three hours I saw him going through a dark alley way, I followed and saw him standing in front of eight men that looked like they wanted to rob him, I hid myself with the dumpster.

'So this is the kid that messed with my little brother? A bit skinny if you ask me, now I'm not my little brother so you had better-' in a blink of an eye I saw that man's head fly and blood was spraying all over the place, the other men stepped back. Kamui-kun was holding a sword in his hand, I didn't know where it came from but at that moment I was terrified.

'C'mon now, why are you afraid? Fight me.' Kamui-kun said with a voice that sounded different than usual, it sounded deeper but yet more alive and scary. The other men tried running and Kamui-kun reached for his bag and took out a silenced pistol, shot everyone of the men in the back then walked up to them and shot them in the head. My body is trembling in fear and I don't know what to do, running away would make him shoot me and staying here would still make him kill me, what do I do? I heard footsteps coming my way and knew I wasn't going to live any longer. Kamui-kun grabbed my neck and hit me up against the wall then pushed me up making me dangle from his hand with his bloodied sword poking my cheek.

'You are really starting to get on my nerves! Why are you following me?!' Kamui-kun shouted with his mouth not fully opening, I couldn't answer him as I was struggling to breathe while being strangled.

'I-m-sor-ry.' My words were not coming out right as I felt myself getting unconscious. He let me go and I hit the ground with my ass - hard. Coughing and gasping for air I felt like I was going to die.

'I knew you were following me. I wanted you to see all of this and then hate me. Think of me as monster so you can get off my case.' I looked up at him then tried to make him hear me say the words that came from the heart, 'I could never hate you. I love you more than you'll ever know,' those words came out as a whisper as I got unconscious.

Chapter 5


I carried her to my apartment and put her in bed, I guess I can't go to school tomorrow because I have to take responsibility for her. Why did she say such a thing? There are a lot of girls that I did the same thing to and they either fear me, leave town or commit suicide. I've been a girl magnet ever since I started living with my aunt, girls have been liking me because of money and my enigmatic behaviour but above all else none of them have ever been sincere about their feelings. I'm not entirely heartless but I dislike being lied to about feelings especially since my parents told me they loved me but hurt me every time. I sat on the bed and watched her as she slept, it's the first time a girl other than my aunt has ever come in my apartment and slept in my bed so right now I don't know what to do. I'm only used to my aunt and the things we do and I'm not sure what type of a person she is and I don't know what she likes. I got up from the bed as I admired her cute face and left to go play my Xbox in the living room. Six hours passed and it was 23:39. She hasn't woken up yet and I hope she doesn't die on me, I cut her on her left wrist in order to mark the fact that she survived me. She's bleeding the heck out and her blood should be useful to me since surprisingly she's an O-plus. I don't care if she hates me after this but all I know is that I was always hated.

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