Vengeance of the Geeks

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Joey and his best friend, Gigi team up with her boyfriend to stop the oppression that the jocks have on the nerds by any means necessary but when jocks fight back, using a brilliant kid, the battle extends and innocent bystanders are bridge into the battle.

Action / Humor
Denny Blunt
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Ticked off

"Yes!" Gigi cheered.

I turned and noticed she was holding an invitation to Roxie's party. Shock spread over my face.

"Gigi, don't tell me you were invited to Roxie's party." I said.

"Fine," she laughed. "I won't, Joey. But I'm going to the party!"

The cafeteria was real noisy today and it was real hard to talk. I looked at my mashed potatoes on my tray, sadness brewing in me.

Gigi got invited to Roxie's party and I didn't.

I tried to think about what Gigi did that made her get invited. Maybe it was Harris her boyfriend.

Gigi and I had been best friends since middle school. She'd helped me with a Math homework and prevented me going to detention.

I almost fell in love with her but when I found out Harris Teller, a jock she'd helped with homework once was chasing after her.

I thought it was gonna be easy for a basket-case like me to get the girl since we were both on the same level but I was damn wrong when I found them making out in the broom closet a few hours before I planned to ask her out.

Believe me, but that helped me define the meaning of heartbreak.

But she was my best friend and I was happy for her and couldn't forget the smirk on Harris's face when he had won the girl.

I kinda felt like everything was out of the Vampire Diaries tv show. You know, the one with the two brothers fighting for one girl.

Well, after one year of enduring Gigi jabbering about Harris, a wild thought jumped into my head.

Harris was a jock and could be possibly using her to get homework and get lucky.

Believe me, I know that they've slept together...

But I was again heartbroken, when I found out that Harris was beat up just for going out with Gigi and he had taken it.

Damn, he had to be really and totally in love to let Wade beat him around.

As I strolled down memory lane and Gigi was reading her invitation, Harris joined us, looking wary.

"Gigi, I've gotta tell you something--" He started before Roxie, Wade (her boyfriend) and Tommy, his crony approached us.

I'm not such a naysayer but anytime jocks approached people who were lower than them in the status level, it always meant trouble .

"Hope you got our invitation to my super awesome party, Gigi." Roxie said, using a flirty voice.

"Yeah, I did! Thanks, Roxie."

I could see that both Tommy and Wade were trying to stifle giggles. I wanted to ask why only Gigi was invited but I knew it could lead to some piece of crap coming my way and decided to shut up.

"Well, we're gonna see you there." Roxie said, smiling evilly.

Then, Wade grabbed her to him and kissed her. Almost everyone were turning and looking out way, expecting something big to come.

If I was with them, I've gotta admit that I'll be looking here too.

I did love fights...

The jock trio left us, trying to stifle giggles. Harris glared them off and turned to face Gigi.

"Gigi, you know I love you, don't you? " Harris said.

I rolled my eyes. "If this is gonna be some stuff that leads to you guys snuggling and going somewhere to get your oomph on..."

"Joey!" Gigi said, a look of disgust and humour on her face.

"Dude, grow up." Harris said before turning back to face Gigi. "Okay, as I was saying... I don't want you to go to that party."

"What?!" Gigi exclaimed.

"It's Roxie and you can't trust their folk. I heard Wade telling Tommy and Stan that they're planning something big which is gonna be the talk of the whole school."

"You really think that I'm the one being planned for? God, what kind of boyfriend isn't happy that his girlfriend's going to be part of the popular guys "

"Gigi, don't you sound like that."

They both turned to face me expecting me to support one of them.

All I said was, "I'm heading to the bathroom. See ya."

On the way to the boys' bathroom, I bumped into Susan Wallace. She wasn't a nerd, a jock or a basket-case. She was a loner and I thought she was kind of cute.

"Hey." She said when I almost bumped into her.

"Hi, Susan."

"So, where you heading to?" She asked.

"Uh, the bathroom."

We were quiet for an uncomfortable period of time. I decided to end the conversation before it became a train wreck.

"So, you going to Roxie's party."

She looked shocked at my statement but recovered quickly.

"You know Roxie doesn't think people like me exist, right? I'm like a nobody in this school."

"That makes two of us."

We both chuckled and we got silence again.

"Well, see you another time." She said and left me. I almost forgot I was going to the boys' bathroom when I felt that tingling feeling.

I entered the bathroom and pulled down my zipper when I heard something move behind me. I decided to whaz before I turned and behold the strangest thing I've seen before in my life.

Four guys and a girl were there, wearing animal masks. The girl was holding a notepad and the boys were holding baseball bats.

"Joey Kutter," the girl said, wearing a tiger mask. "You've been chosen to be the Puppet of the day."

I recognised Lexi's voice. Lexi was Roxie's best friend but that didn't matter now.

I've heard of the Puppet show which went on everyday in school. A boy or girl would be picked by the High Tables (what the jocks called themselves, inspired by the John Wick movies, technically) and be used for a whole day. I heard lots of students had gone through some trauma or the other through that but Principal Swenson couldn't do anything about it.

Their parents were elite.

Well, it looked like today was gonna be my turn. I clenched my fist ready to fight.

"I'm not in the mood, guys. Could you step out of the way?"

They parted ways which seemed too easy for me but I decided to take the cake. I walked through them and before I knew what was going on, everything turned black and the last thing I heard was a thwack...

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