Will I survive

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19 year old Layla Michelle finds herself In the middle of a kidnapping WILL SHE SURVIVE OR IS IT A DREAM

Action / Horror
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Chapter 1

This morning I went to go to school for the first day but was shocked by what I heard from my dad. School is not on today and it will not be for another month or two is what he said to me. I was so amazed I just stood there thinking that he was just kidding. But I looked at my emails from my school and they said there is no school. I rushed up to my room and changed into my pajamas. Where did I put my phone I know where I put it I put it on the kitchen table.

It has been a month of sitting at home and video chatting with friends and family. I never thought I would say this but I actually am starting to miss school. It is not fun at all sitting at home alone. How I wish I could go visit my boyfriend. I have not seen anyone of my friends since Halloween. Every day it just get harder and harder. Worse and worse there is almost nothing left to do. One day I woke to a loud banging noise coming from my window what was going on.

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