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When everything suddenly begins to fall apart for charlie. Place in a situation where there is a test in who is more powerful In a land where evil runs deep Bloodshed,confusion, trials and set back The gods are angry Will God Judge From the Author of Worlds Apart 1

Action / Thriller
Victoria E.
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The village Umumiri carried a pregnant silence with ominions dread,the night was cold and still, in the thick dark night not even a single soul was seen left for the croaking of frogs and cricket.

It was already midnight time for the priest ritual the servants clad in black wrapper as dark as the night with black charcoal that dusted their eyes and lips their feet powdered with Nzu,each of them held a calabash of water in which smoke oozed from the center.

A stick torch of flame shone round the shrine as the servants danced round it singing a song only known to them ,they sang loudly and would screech if necessary,maybe that was why everywhere was as still as the night.

The priest garbed in a long flowing black robe which had cowries carefully sewed in it,his dreadlocks was scattered with white and black cowries ,his weak eyes had dark charcoal smeared in it.

After long incantations ,the old priest picked a calabash from a molded statue as he danced round the shrine like a man that have gone mad his servants tagged along,the dancing only ceased when he raised his staff up.

"Oshimiri...Oshimiri, the god of my forefathers the time has come to take a chosen one,my lineage has served you faithfully and never had it been heard in Umumiri existence that any have desist your call"

The priest paused for a while shaking his staff then he raised up a calabash

"Hmmm...Oshimiri Go...Go round the four corners of the earth and bring back the chosen one..for he must serve you"

The howling of a mighty wind seem to send a message to the villagers.

"I see a dark cloud ahead Oshimiri, something beyond my spiritual bound I am too weak to beat it bring back your chosen...go...go...goooo"

A white smoke came out of the calabash and disappeared into thin air,the old priest gave a sadistic laugh that echoed through the night.

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