These Broken Hands of Mine

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They were happy. And so she thought. Leighs’ mother and her sister who were involved in a car accident suffered. Her mother became mute and her sister got coma. Her father even divorced her mother after that. She lost her hope to have her whole family back. All she felt was hatred towards her father. And here she thought that that is the lowest point in her life but still, she never thought that there's still more to come…

Action / Romance
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I felt my sweat flow down from my forehead to my eyelid, I blink my eyes in nanosecond and when I open my eyes back, I saw that jakes' elbow is coming to hit me in the head. I think of a way to block the incoming attack, I lift my right arm to block his attack to my head while I swing my left legs to his sides. I saw him sway and I saw that opportunity to attack his defense. With my left foot in my front, I swing my right legs up to his head. It hit him and knocked him out in seconds.

I heard clapping from my back and when I looked its way, I saw Ted's face. Ted is the person who introduced me to Muay thai and I'm greatful with it. I am already familiar with taekwondo and kick boxing but Ted sees me as a sports maniac and find his ways of teaching me Muay thai, there's even an instance that he will suddenly attack me with his elbow or his legs. It's just that pure instinct and his body posture that I learn his moves by copying it, with that he really called me a maniac.

Ted, Jake and I are part of a team, we are hired guards to the popular personalities such as government officials and actresses.

'Old Man, how's your back?' I ask him teasingly.

Ted is hurt from the last mission

' tsk. Don't you dare belittle this body of mine! You little girl!'

Well, we have our nicknames. Nicknames is given to everyones physical appearance or on what you're good at.

Ted is an old man because he literally is, he's in his 40's.

Im little girl because of my 5'4 height, well it's good for my standard. They are just a bunch of ostrich to me.

Well, Jake is called eagle eye because he is our sharp shooter. And he's damned good at it.

'aren't you harsh on him?' Ted pointed to the knock out eagle at my foot. I just shrugged and reply

'if you keep babying him, he won't grow' Ted just laughs at me and throw me a bottle of water which I have catch easily, muttering my thanks and drink it.

Jake is our shooter and a long range shooter is an easy target to a hand to hand combatants, he must learn some self defense or all of us will die in the near future.


I walk in the gyms locker with my hair still wet from the shower when I hear a phone ringing and it's coming from my locker. I retrieve it and look at the caller ID, it's unknown. Seeing that it is unknown, I feel a bad feeling about this and hesitant for a moment if I'm gonna accept it or not.

In the end, I swipe it and put the phone in my ear.

' hello Leigh, it's been a 5 years and it's time for you to go back.'

'....' I was speechless and dumbstruck.

' I..' I tried to say something but I feel like my brain was freeze at the moment

' no more words young lady. We are to proceed with the promise you make. ' was the last word I heard before the line was cut.


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