The Warrior's Journey

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Tortured. Beaten. Abused. Being forced to watch your best friend die by the firing squad is a terrible thing. Being tortured for information that you cannot share is a close second. Matthew Whitman has been through more than any person should. With dreams of being a pediatric surgeon put on hold as the call of duty plunges him into the depths of an evil mastermind's clutches, he returns to his home with scars physically and emotionally. Can he heal or is he broken forever? Will the arrival of a spunky and devoted German Shepherd help him conquer the nightmares that torment his mind? Will his friends and family be able to show him how to love and forgive himself again? Warning: This book will contain abuse, graphic scenes (14+) and suicidal thoughts.

Action / Drama
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Chapter 1

“It’s dangerous, but we need you to do it. Are you in?” An old commanding figure stood behind his regal desk with a questioning look on his face. There was a glimmer of regret in his eyes. This was really a suicide mission...not that he would tell this team that.

“Yes, sir.” A young, handsome recruit stood before him with a serious, almost eager look in his eyes. Greg sighed mentally. The best ones always had to go down in the worst ways. Consequences of being good at what you do in the military.

Greg nods. “I wouldn’t put you in there for the life of me unless we had no other choice. Nobody’s scouting is as good as yours. Harrison is your partner. Dispatch in two hours.”

Matthew Whitman left the office with adrenaline running. Little did he know what was in store for them in the next few months.

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