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Nobody really believed me when I said I was going to kill the king. They always told me, I would fail and be killed when I was catched by him. All because I was a Girl. What happens surprises them when the king died at my hand.

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1: King's Death

"Leo, you can't just go in and kill the king."

"Watch me, I think we have to agree that he needs to die."

"Yes but I don't think we can get away with it."

"Well we can't but I can."

"Okay, Leo enough. I will not have this anymore."


Three months later...

"The king is dead."

The crowd gasp, I just smiles as the council man spoke. "The last words of the king, was whose so ever had kill me. If they are male, they will have my daughter as wife and take my throne and have half of my kingdom. It my killer is a female, they will have my son for husband and my kingdom."

Girls start to whisper to each other, I look to see the daughter and Son were standing on the platform. Men were staring at the daughter like she was an object. I walked up, "Excuse me council man, what if the person didn't want the kingdom or anything. But just wanted a better King, what will happen?"

"I'm sorry miss but I can't go against my former king words."

"Okay just wondering." I walk back to mama,

"Leo, what are you thinking?"

"Nothing, mama. I didn't want this, I wanted a better king."

"Well, I think that is to late. Look the girls are trying to go after the prince. Why not turn yourself in, what wrong being married into royalty?"

"Well, I don't want to be put to death if they used that to get me. I don't fall for that trick."

"A-ha, we have found the man who killed our king. In two days he and the princess will be married. Forever one is invited." I look at the man to see he was standing to close to the princess. Her face turns to fear, when he walks her to the carriage.

All the shops where crowded with people getting ready for the wedding, I bought my materials and went home to make my dress. There was a knock on the door and mother answer, "Leo, there is someone there for you."

"I'm coming mama."

I get to the door to see Grave standing there. "Grave?

"Oh my gosh, Leo you are still alive. When I heard about the king, I had to see you."

"Grave, I'm fine. What are you doing here? We broke up remember?"

"I know, but I miss you so much."

"Well I don't, now leave."

"Wait, Leo please think about it. I think we have been both feeling awful since we broke up."

"I haven't felt awful in months, you just need to forget me and move on. Goodbye Grave." I slam the door in his face. I gather up my dress and walk to my room.

As the days came and went, the wedding was in a few hours. I put on the dress which had pockets which lead to my weapons. Mother order a carriage for our way of getting to the wedding.

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