The Intruder: Hidden Mystery (Book 3)

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Leah, a teenage high school girl that now lives with her C. P. S guardians, Ms. Julianne and Jamie. One year later Leah gets tired of the drama between her and her roommate and suddenly she rides away on her new motorcycle and finds, her old middle school back where she came from. Finally Leah had to give her enemy, Cindy Ame a second chance, and the two girls soon become friends after they'd fought the intruder for the third time in two years. Soon, all of this started to become a mystery and Cindy and Leah start to figure and find the hidden evidence and information of who the Intruder really is......

Action / Drama
Lauren Kwiatkowski
Age Rating:


It was 11: 35 am on a Thursday summer morning. I was free for half of the time. I'd had so many chores and stuff to during my time.

But my most favorite part of the day is making more crossword puzzles on my breaks. That's one thing that keeps me going all the time.

Ever since my mother passed away, I'd feel so lonely and depressed, but I remember my mother's last words,"Always believe in yourself and always remember me." Then gave me a beautiful, silver locket necklace to remember her.

Everytime I felt I was in a tough situation, I'd remember my mom saying to take deep breaths and to move on. Still to this day, I miss my mom everyday and every night.

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