Living With Lords

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Chloe Trent, is a normal 14 year old girl. She lived with her mom and knows nothing about her biological father. Her life was like any ordinary girl, until her mother was murdered. Her unknown brothers decided to take full care of her. Chloe knows nothing about her half-brothers, except that there are four of them, and they share the same father as Chloe. As Chloe lives with her brothers, she begins to uncover the deep, dark secrets hidden by her filthy rich and well-fixed brothers and the truth about her father. Chloe gets involved in unimaginable things. She goes through intense punishments, biddings, dares, challenges and obstacles. She encounters things, that were not supposed to meet her eyes. What happens when she learns everything- from what happened to her parents to what type of people her brothers are? ___________________________________________________________________ *THIS STORY CONTAINS SOME MATURE CONTENT* (Also, please dont judge a book by its cover) If you like this Book, please vote and follow, and don't forget to share this book with your friends! Thanks. Enjoy :) Started: 18th January 2020

Action / Drama
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Chapter 1

My mom, Julia, and I used to live alone in a small apartment, close to the city. We were not rich and not poor at the same time. Although, half the time, my mother used to come home late, from her night shift.

One day, I was making dinner. My mom wasn't home yet, so i decided to just eat my dinner and leave some for her. I thought she would just come back late, eat the leftover dinner and go to sleep. So I went to sleep, it was peaceful sleep.

The next morning, my mom hadn't come back. I was panicking! I heard the doorbell ring and I rushed to the door. There was a tall and oldman dressed in a suit. He had a lightly trimmed white beard. And a pointy nose. His face seemed welcoming, and kind. I dont know why.

I let him in and he sat me down on the couch in the living room. He calmly told me his name and that he was a detective, so that I wouldn't freak out. Next he told me that my mother was found murdered, he explained to me that it wasnt suicide. But I knew she wouldn't do that, she wouldn't leave me. I was annoyed and irritated with all the questions I was asked by the stupid detectives and police officers. DNA tests were carried out at the site of the murder. But there was no hope, there was no trace of any person, it was clean. I little too clean... What I didn't understand was why she was killed. No one knew my mother personally apart from me. We both had a clean account. We also kept a low profile. I didnt understand was why someone would do such a thing, I couldn't come up with any reason.

Something tells me that my mother kept a huge chunk of my life a secret. There was always something she never told me. There was obviously more to my life that I knew. I didn't know my biological father, never seen his face, ever. Maybe, just maybe, this was something to do with my father's side of my family. My mother told me once that I had siblings, I remember going crazy that day. I couldn't believe that she could keep something like that a secret. Despite the fact that I loved her so much, she never told me much about the history she had before me. She would wince when I mention my father.

She was taken to the hospital that day and I only got to see her once, before her funeral. At that point, my world just stopped spinning. My mom was gone. I had no one. I lost all hope.

You will never truly understand what emptiness feels like until you lose the most important person in your life. Never being able to hear the sound of their voice again or waking up to see their beautiful face and feel their unconditional love. All of which was now absent. How was I going to live? Was I going to be taken to an orphanage?

It only takes a five minute murder to screw up my entire future. I was on the verge of just killing myself. I had nothing to live for. Until...

A man named Liam Vance, decided to take custody of me. I wasnt familiar with this man...
But that's when it hit me! Liam Vance Trent! The social worker, mentioned his name a couple of times while conversing with another man.

They said that Liam was the eldest of my four half-brothers. I was a tad bit relieved. Even though I didn't know much about them. Infact, I've never seen them, my whole life. But they are the only family I have left. If I didn't have anyone to take me... I couldn't imagine what my life would look like. Being in foster care. Or being adopted by another family, which is close to unfeasible.

My mother, had spoken of them once, but she wasn't quit absorbed with the topic, infact she despised when I brought up the topic.

My apartment was filled with detectives, cops and some social workers. I thought I was dreaming. But I wasn't.


It's currently 3.15pm, and my flight is at 3.45pm. I was sitting in the airport, patiently waiting for the woman to announce the flight to Michigan. I was going to be sitting in the first class. They must be loaded, I thought. But I wasn't complaining, because the flight is nine hours long!

I'm really going to miss living in Australia. It's my home. I wasn't ready to let go of all that. I loved the places in Queensland. The coast was fantastic. The wildlife and animals were the best parts. I Really loved animals since I was little. My mom always used to take me to the zoo or go sight seeing.

I sat there recollecting all the memories I've had of me and my mother. The thoughts and memories vanished from my head, when I heard the announcement for my departure. I pulled my heavy suitcase and slung my backpack over my shoulder. I walked up and stood in the line.

I was quite nervous. I've never travelled alone before. Why couldn't one of my brothers just take a flight here and travel back with me? Actually there were many reasons why that wouldn't happen. Firstly, that would be a waste of their money, secondly, it would be a waste of their time, thirdly, it would still be a waste of their time. It wasn't like they gave a flying crap about me anyways.

I reached the front of the line and made a reassuring glance at the number on top to make sure I was in the right gate. I checked whether i had all my belongings. Then I took out my boarding pass and gave it to the flight attendant. She politely smiled at me and let me pass.

I walked to my first class seat, and kept my suitcase up, with a little help from another flight attendant. I settled down, and finally took notice of my surroundings. I was seated on a beige leather couch. There was a small tv directly in front of me. There were two large armrests at both my sides. Everything looked elegant yet simple. I wasn't used to this type of luxury. It took me a while to learn how to extend the couch into a bed. Let alone the bed. I couldn't even figure out how to on the freaking tv.

A while later, the plane took off, and I drifted off into sleep.


The flight went by pretty fast. Faster than I thought. Although, it took exactly nine hours. The timing had already changed. Michigan was fifteen hours behind than Queensland. It's currently 4.30pm.

My oldest brother Liam, is supposed to be picking me up from the airport. It was quite busy, and there were a tonne of people. How was I supposed to look for my brother, who I've never seen before?

I stood around idly for a while until, I felt some vibration on my back. My phone was ringing. I took it out of my back pack and answered the unknown number.


"Chloe, I'm standing next to the duty free, turn around." said the man. He had a manly and mature voice.

I followed the man's command and turned to the enormous duty free shop. There was a tall guy, about 6'3, he wore a pair of dark trousers, secured with a Louis Vuitton belt. His white shirt was clenching his biceps, and the top three buttons were casually open. It was neatly tucked in. He wore a navy crombie coat. His hair was tied at the back, revealing his hard, rock-strong forehead. His complexion was quite musculine but overall he was well-built.

The difference between him and I was incredible. I was only wearing some black Jeans with a nike hoodie and some floral old school Vans. My hair was in a messy ponytail, from the long journey. I probably looked like I just woke up after hundreds of years.

He hung up the phone and gestured his hands towards me, so I knew it was him. I walked towards him, and shyly smiled.

"Hey chloe, I'm Damien." He said giving me a gentle and firm handshake.

He looked quite serious, and he seemed intimidating.

"Hi" my voice finally came out, in a croaky manner. He took the suitcase from my hand and gave me a considerate smile. I could smell his strong cologne. It smelt really good.

"Follow me," he said. I trailed right behind him, politely. Taking in his magnificent aura. It was dark yet attractive.

I was told that Damien was twenty years old and the other two boys were seventeen and eighteen, however, I didn't know the age of the oldest of them who was Liam. I was not told about his age.

We walked up to a matte black chevrolet, parked on the side. Damien put my suitcase in the trunk and sat in the driver's seat, while I sat in the passenger's seat at the back, since the front seat was already occupied with a computer, some papers and a duffel bag. I assumed it was some work stuff.

"Liam was supposed to pick you up, but he was occupied with business today, so he couldn't make it." He stated, glancing at me through the rear view mirror. I just nodded.

The ride to the house was filled with silence. I looked outside the window, to see a large gate. Damien removed what seemed to look like a card, and scanned it on a post.

The gates suddenly opened, allowing us to pass through. Where were we? Why did he scan a freaking card for the gates to open? We drove through another long road surrounded by beautiful pine trees.

I carefully examined him. He was patiently tapping his index on the steering wheel. He was leaned back on his seat, looking straight. He didn't seem to show his expressions much.

I looked at his grey eyes through the rear view mirror. They were'nt dilated at all. I think he sensed me staring at him because he glanced at me, and I quickly looked away. After a few seconds, I looked into the mirror to check if he was still looking at me. Instead, he was looking outside, and the corner of his lips slightly twitched. He had an aspect of amusement. But it quickly disappeared as fast as it came.

Finally, we reached a mansion. But from my point of view. It was a massive and monumental museum. It was truly bewildering.

My eyes practically popped right out of head, as my jaw dropped to the ground. What I was looking at, was only the back of the mansion. And I was already terrified with the luxury.

I didn't even realize that Damien had already parked the car and got out. I quickly opened the door and stepped outside. A slight cold breeze hit me. It felt good. Suddenly a rush of guilt flooded into me. I didn't deserve to live in this mansion. I was only a lonely orphan girl who lost her mother. I was furious. My mother wasn't supposed to die so damn early. I didn't even get say goodbye.

I followed Damien into the colossal house. It was quite modern, I should say, the architect who built this house did a wonderful job. Damien scanned his card on the small screen on the wall. Again. Why did they need a vast amount of security? This ginormous palace was already buried deep inside a forest for anyone to even know it exists. It was already the most secure place I've seen.

The large wooden door slid open automatically. And I followed him in. He hung his coat on the black metal hook. There was a large living room on my left, with two guys sitting on the beige leather couch. There was a giant flat screen TV that hung on a stone wall, and a modern fireplace.

On my right was a wide and commodious dining room. The living room and the dining room were connected to the main hallway, making the entire area look spacious and roomy.

Finally, infront of me was a glass staircase, that led to the first floor of the house.I was standing in hallway. Apparently, Damien disappeared into the house, and I was left all alone. I didn't know what to do. The two men sitting on the couch didn't even notice me. One of them was wearing airpods, while the other was typing something on his phone.

Suddenly, I felt a strong arm grip my shoulder, I flinched and turned around to see a much older man. He had cold, light blue eyes. He seemed really tall, taller than Damien, and had a much more mature and strict face. He also had a minimal of wrinkles but still young. He looked about the age of thirty-five or so. This man was my brother?

I'm only fourteen...

He was wearing a black buttoned shirt, with some black trousers. He wore an expensive-looking gold chain, that matched the gold watch on his wrist. His shirt was folded up his arms revealing his waxed arms with veins protruding behind his tanned and slightly sun-burned skin. He had a fresh, deodorant odor. But what caught my eye was a square shield signet on his finger. He

"Good evening, Chloe," the man greeted confidently. He had a grave and profound look on his face. He stood there towering me. I tried my best to smile, but it never happened. He radiated a serious vibe, that sort of... stupified me.

"I'm Liam Vance."

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