This is the Apocalypse

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Chapter 7: Summer

Reyesent, Washington

7:58 AM

"You almost done in there?" Chaz knocked on the bathroom door, sounding a little impatient.

"Yeah!" I called back, pulling the flatiron through my hair on more time, "Just one second!" I put down the iron and grabbed a navy blue scrunchy from the glass cabinet just above the toilet. I grabbed onto all of my blond hair and pull it through, then twisting the hair tie twice to keep the ponytail tight. Winking at myself in the mirror, I opened the door and was greeted by Chaz, who was holding a pair of pink flip flops.

"Wanna go down to the pool and do some swimming?" He asked, "You could practice your life guarding down there or whatever, and I could do extreme dives from the diving boards. Then after that, I could get Travis to make us some brunch. What do you think?" I nodded, taking the shoes and following him out of our room and down the hall to the stairs that would take us to the main lobby.

"I still can't believe we have this whole resort to ourselves," I couldn't help but giggle as I said this, looking over at him, "Except for Travis and Liberty. But I mean, where did all the people go, right?" I smiled to myself, thinking of all the luxury we'd been able to enjoy since everyone left. The day Chaz and I had first gotten here was the 28th and everything was completely hectic. There were people everywhere. I actually had to wait to get a massage and a mani-pedi! But once everyone had left, Chaz had made sure I'd gotten exactly what I'd wanted.

Looking over at him, I thought I saw a small shadow flicker in his eyes, but it disappeared as quickly as it had come, if it had come at all. I laughed again, "Why did you have to show me that horror movie last night, anyway? And you had the volume turned up way loud," I pretended to cover my ears in agony, "There was so much screaming and nasty blood, I thought it was actually happening!" I ruffled his hair as we reached the bottom of the stairs and started heading towards the pool.

Once we were in I started to take of my clothes to reveal my swimsuit, preparing to dive in. "Um, that's actually something I wanted to talk to you about," Chaz began, but I wasn't listening. With a shriek of joy I climbed up the endless ladder, up to the diving board and ran to the end, jumping up and then forming a perfect dive straight down into the water. When I finally resurfaced I saw Chaz jumping into the water from the edge and swimming over to me. He took my wrist and started pulling me to the tiled floor above, "Come on, I need to talk to you,"

I reluctantly got out with him and followed him over to a set of beach chairs. We sat down so that we were facing each other, him taking a deep breath and me fingering a piece of my hair. "Summer," he started. I looked at him expectantly, knowing he couldn't resist my big blue eyes. "Summer," he tried again, "Something happened last night. I don't know what, but something did. You wonder where the people in this resort went off to? I don't know either. They just disappeared. Poof. Gone," I looked at him in confusion, as if expecting him to break into laughter and explain that this was all a joke. But he remained dead serious, "There was no trace of any disturbance, except for the room seven doors down from ours being washed in blood. I really don't know how that's possible," He added, seeing the horrified look on my face.

Chaz and I were staying in room 211, meaning the room he was talking about was room 218. Room 217 had been closed off for repairs (or something), so who knew what was in there. "So why are Travis and Liberty still here?" I asked, my voice for once sounding small and soft to my own ears.

Chaz shrugged, but continued, "Anyway, all I know is that something really bad happened last night. I mean, something even worse than the Chaz Van getting scratched," I gasped at this and he put a hand on my shoulder, "I know, I know. Don't worry, the van's okay. But that's why I had you watching that movie last night. I didn't want you to hear all the real screaming and violence that was happening outside in Reyesent. We're just outside the city and that's close enough. I don't want to lose you,"

I smiled and patted him on the head, "It's okay, Chazzy, I understand,"

Chaz smiled and sighed with relief, "I knew you would," he hugged me, both of us ignoring the fact that we both smelled like chlorine. He pulled back and continued, "I was looking through some of the main offices down in the lobby. There was a closet labeled "emergency" which contained guns. Lots of them. My plan is for the two of us to grab as many as we can, ditch Travis and Liberty, and then I'll fight our way out of this nightmare till we're safe,"

"Oh, Chazzy, you always think of everything!" I laughed and hugged him again, kissing him on the cheek. "Should I go say goodbye to Liberty? She always was such a good friend,"

Chaz's gaze flickered to the water for a second before returning to meet mine, "Of course you can, Summer. But be ready to come downstairs when I tell you, okay?" I nodded and got up, walking over to where I'd left my sandals.

As soon as I'd pulled on a clean outfit I came out of my room, heading down the hall to Liberty's. I knocked on the door and didn't have to wait long before she answered. "Hi Summer!" I tried not to cringe at her lisp, but couldn't help it. "Did you just go swimming?" I nodded, walking in and taking a seat on her bed. "So what's up, best friend?"

I looked up at her and was almost sent tumbling backwards when I felt a sudden rush of hate and contempt wash over me. For a few seconds my vision had a red filter over it and all I wanted to do was hit Liberty over the side of the head and kick her on the ground, leaving her gasping for breath and coughing up blood. "What's up?" she asked again.

I forced a smile, "Nothing," I was feeling the hate slowly rising up inside me, "I just wanted to say goodbye," I watched in silent satisfaction as Liberty's smile quickly disappeared.

"You're leaving?" I nodded, trying to look sad. I didn't realize how happy I was to go until this moment. Travis had always been in a relationship with Liberty, but I knew he secretly liked me. Everyone did! But Chaz always got pissed whenever any guy would ever talk to me, so I mostly just hung out with girls. Liberty reached down to hug me, but I held up my hands, scooting to the end of the bed and getting up.

"I don't think so," I smoothed the light green miniskirt I was wearing, hoping to make her think that the reason I didn't want her touching me was because I liked my clothes too much, which was partially true.

"Oh…well…goodbye…" Liberty looked at the floor, trying not to cry. Whenever she would sniffle her nose would scrunch up, slightly lifting the ever-present band aid that ran across it. I walked out the door and didn't look back, confident that I'd never see her again. As I came down into the lobby I heard yelling, like too people arguing.

"You can't do this, Chaz, you can't just leave me and Liberty behind!" Chaz came banging out of an office door, guns trapped across him every which way, closely followed by a red faced Travis who was trying to stuff a small pistol in his pants. "You're hardly even leaving us any weapons! Who knows what's out there?"

Chaz turned back to him, "Look, chump, maybe there isn't anything out there and all that screaming was just a big scam. You don't know that!"

Travis laughed, putting his hands in the air, "And if turns out to be a big scam, then imagine what the great Chaz McFreely will look like, going out there and terrorizing everyone with all these guns! It'll be all like, 'Agh, Chaz is going to kill us, we're never going to any of his shows again!' and you'll be all like, 'No, come back! Travis, please let me back in!' and I'll be all like-"

"Shut up! Shut up, both of you! Shut up right now!" I screamed, clenching my fists, my eyes refusing to stay still. Chaz and Travis both jumped and looked over at me, startled, not knowing I was there. It looked like Chaz was about to say something to me, when we suddenly heard a faint noise, almost like static. The three of us turned around and around trying to figure out where it was coming from. At last, all three pairs of eyes rested on the speaker in the corner, something found in every public room of the resort. It would broadcast the voice of whoever was in the manager's office, and right now, out of the four people in the resort three were standing in the lobby and the fourth was up in her own room. The speaker continued to produce static for a minute before something audible finally came over. A song was being played, but a female voice was softly singing over it, "Hold tight, wait till the party's over. Hold tight, we're in for nasty weather…"

The lights began flickering violently as the white noise from the speaker continued to change frequencies and increase in volume. All we could do was stand there paralyzed, covering our ears, squeezing our eyes shut. I forced mine open when I heard a loud rattling sound. I made a small squeaking sound while watching in horror as the metal gates came down from their slits above the glass doors and windows, locking in place as they hit the ground, trapping us in. The lights stopped flickering along with the speaker suddenly going silent. And then we were plunged into darkness. We all just stood there, no one daring to move. I thought I heard a faint whistling, followed by what sounded like a woman humming the same tune, but it was faint.

The sorrowful scream of a woman suddenly came from within the darkness of the building, right after a crash and the sound of glass breaking. Broken from our trance, we all ran to grab onto each other. I had my head buried in Chaz's shoulder, quietly sobbing. "Sh, Summer, it's going to be alright," I stopped crying when I heard this, only to hear another girl sobbing and Chaz's voice coming farther to my right rather than right in front of me.

"Chaz?" I whispered shakily, "I'm over here. Who are you talking to?" my voice cracked in fear as I realized that since I must be with Travis and there had only been three people in the room, there were no undoubtedly four.

"There is someone," Travis's voice came out shaky and uncertain from right above my head, "here with us," I held my breath, nodding, forgetting he couldn't see me. I held onto him tighter when I heard the soft patter of running footsteps and a small breeze brush past me. I could hear someone breathing next to me, a woman by the sound of. I slowly turned my head to where I thought the breathing was coming from. In a split second the lights came back on and I was staring into a truly psychotic face, one that was made up off wide, glowing blue eyes, framed by greasy black hair, and a smile that was stretched way too wide across her face, razor sharp teeth showing, grinning at me. The lights went off again and I screamed. In a flash I saw the woman again, the same expression fixed on me, only this time she was holding up a bloody knife, her hand and upper arm covered in red as well. Her black clothes were torn and stained and she lunged toward me, unblinking, long finger nails out stretched.

The lights went out again and I screamed and ran, tripping over things as I did, leaving Travis and Chaz in the dark. The lights flickered on and off again as I ran down the hall, looking over my shoulder every second. Every time I did, the woman was closer, smiling holding the knife in one hand, her other bloody hand outstretched. "Go away!" I screamed through sobs, sprinting down the hall even faster until I turned the corner and came to the elevator. I pounded the button, willing the doors to open. When they finally did I shot inside, jabbing the 6 that marked the top floor and then constantly pressing the "door close" button. They began to close just as the woman rounded corner. She leaped to get in but didn't make it all the way. The doors closed on her, still smiling, knife arm outstretched.

She struggled to get out, but there were no censors on the doors that would indicate when something was in the way. She managed to get her body out, but her arm was still stuck when the door closed all the way. I heard a sickening crunch and then a snap as her arm came clean off, spurting blood every which way, seeming to spaz out on its own until it finally fell limp. The elevator started to rise up. I inched my way to the farthest corner of the elevator, watching the arm with the hand still clutching the knife. I screamed when it started moving on its own, coming toward me, chopping at the ground, the blood coming off of as if never ending, showering me with little droplets.

I ran to the other corner but the arm followed, turning, as if it had eyes. I ran about the little room, the arm swinging, inching around in pursuit, leaving a trail of blood in its wake. The elevator suddenly came to a stop, but the doors didn't open. The arm fell limp again and it was then that I noticed the cold sweat that had broken out on my forehead. I was suddenly jolted and thrown to the floor as the elevator car swung violently as if something had fallen on top of it. I looked up in a silent scream as the top hatch was pried open the now one-armed woman dropped down, still smiling.

The arm magnetically flew back to its socket, the fingers flexing around the knife. She suddenly dropped the knife, her mouth returning to a normal, closed position. She slowly brought her two pointer fingers into the corners of her mouth and pulled as far as she could. The sound of ripping flesh was heard while she exposed her gums and teeth, until her mouth was stretched all the way to her ears. She lunged for me then and I could see my life flash before my eyes.

I remembered the fury I had felt looking at Liberty, the passion I had once felt for Chaz and even Travis and every guy I had slept with. My face was pressed against the floor, but I was right next to the knife. I grabbed it and brought it around, slicing through her stomach in one single motion. Before I knew what I was doing, I thrust both my hands into the wound and dug as much as I could. She screamed, but once I had a firm hold I grabbed onto the two sides of the opening and pulled. Blood soaked everywhere, into my clothes, into my skin, onto the floor. All of her organs were exposed and I didn't hesitate to pull out every single one. The still beating heart, the liver, the lungs, yanking them out and throwing them away. I had the strong urge to take a bite of one of the kidneys, but I refrained.

As soon as she was empty and silent, I finally put my hand into her now hollow stomach and took a deep breath. I threw up then, four times, and collapsed, falling asleep in vomit, blood, organs, and a gutted corpse.

It would not take long for Summer to realize that the elevator was broken and that all that her chances of escaping were very slim.

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