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Chapter 1

The stage was being set up while I was backstage, putting my make-up on, and getting dressed. I have been practicing for weeks on this one dancing routine. I was ready to show off every angle of my body that was going to give pleasure to the crowd without a doubt.

My co-worker just finished her segment. I gave everyone a few minutes; then, it was my turn. I walked out on the stage, clutched the pole with my left hand, and looked out at all the faces. For the most part, it was men, but there were a few women that showed up tonight.

Beer stench and cigarette smoke filled the air.

The music I selected beforehand began to play as I started to dance. The laws state that the audience is not allowed to touch us performers, but we can touch them. I rarely feel the people in front of the stage. I have to feel on their bodies enough when I deliver lap dances in the private rooms. Boundaries are expected to be respected, always, no matter where in the club.

I picked out black high heels, a shiny blue thong, and a metallic triangular blue and pink top. My make-up was a pretty shade of nude, except my eyeshadow, which was a light grey. My hair was thrown up in a ponytail, but everyone knew that wouldn’t last long. My silver glowed under the lighting.

I clutched onto the pole with both hands, and in addition, wrapped my legs around it. I pulled out the ponytail and let my hair fall loose into the air while my head was upside down. I slowly swung my head around in circles as it was a part of my routine. Blue and purple lights flickered on and off while I performed. As the music went to the chorus, I started taking off my top; I could hear claps even over the music being so loud. I held onto my bikini tie after stripping it off my chest with just one finger dangling it then tossed it into the crowd. I saw one man catch it and another trying to snatch it from him.

I continued to dance; I gripped the pole tightly with both of my hands then released to rub my perky tits gently. The crowd began cheering, “Silver, Silver”! Bills of money were thrown onto the stage around me.

To close my show, I got down on my knees, spread my legs, and fell on all fours. Crawled towards the edge of the stage, whipped my hair once more, and ended it with pulling on my thong, giving them a peek of my waxed downstairs.

Claps were heard throughout the club as I stood up and bowed to the crowd.

The next girl walked from backstage upfront and released me from my part so I could go and get ready to give a couple of lap dances before my shift was over. I gathered up all the cash on the stage and put it between my body and my thong.

As I was about to walk backstage to change into a different “outfit,” a man stopped me in my tracks and clasped my arm.

“Excuse me, sir. Do not grab me.” I demanded while pulling my arm out from his grip. I could have been insulting but knew not to because of my manager. I could get fired for being impolite to the customers.

“You don’t have to change; I’d rather see you in that.” He stared me up and down with a smirk clear across his face.

I wanted to slap the shit out of him, but instead, I pulled myself together and took a deep breath. I lifted my head up, shook it, and continued walking. You have to calm yourself before you get worked up.

These guys do not let up, so you have to be consistent and robust towards them.

Right before entering the room in the back, a man caught my attention and ultimately made me halt. He had to have been six foot or taller and had short brown hair. He was standing among some other guys that were clothed with biking gear. They had black leather jackets, black and red bandanas, along with ripped up jeans and t-shirts. The name “Knights of Hades” was patched on the back of their jackets. They must be a biker gang. Not many come through here, but every once in awhile, they do.

Each one of them was cracking jokes and standing directly in front of another one of our dancers. They were blocking her, which my boss would be pissed about if he saw. I ran to the back, threw on a different bikini, and walked over to where they were standing.

“Y’all are going to have to either sit or leave. You’re blocking the view.” I stated while pointing at the woman dancing behind them.

Every one of the guys were glaring at me as I stood there waiting for them to move. They did not budge and continued talking to one another. I decided to go let my boss know what was going on, but as I stepped one foot away from the group, the man I noticed first, stopped me by grabbing hold of my hand.

The first thing I observed of him was his mysterious emerald green eyes. His hair was short-cut and fawn brown. He had no shirt on under his leather jacket, all that was underneath was well-defined tanned abs. His abs were not naked; tattoos were inked prevalently on his stomach and chest, revealing the words “Knights of Hades” again surrounded by a sizeable devilish knight in the background. Several other designs were tattooed on his skin, but that one stood out to me. Either all the members had to have that tattooed, or this gang actually meant something to him.

I was a sucker for tattooed men, so I hoped that I wasn’t noticed biting my lip over this man that was standing in front of me, who still had his hand holding onto mine. I removed my hand from his and broke my eyes from his body.

“I’m sorry, sexy. Did I startle you?”

I ignored his flirting and demanded, “You guys really need to find another hang out spot. You cannot just stand in front of our dancers. You’re blocking other customers from being able to watch.”

He lifted his left hand and caressed my cheek, “Oh, darling. Do you know anything?”

“What?” I asked, puzzled. Disgusted but also intrigued by the way he was speaking to me.

He lifted his arms up and shrugged, “My guys and I own this club. We are the boss.” He smirked while folding his arms, “Did you think your puny little “boss” Randall was the owner of this place?”

He gave me a second to respond, but instead of letting me speak, he decided to place his pointer finger over my lips. “He is not the boss, baby. I am.”

I was irritated at this point, and legitimately did not know what to say. All his men except one were staring at me.

The one that wasn’t, waltzed up to me and blew his cigarette smoke in my face. To be treated like trash was something I would not stand for. None of us ladies in this club did. We knew we had the jobs we had, but also knew we were worth more than people looked at us as.

I tried walking away, but they wouldn’t let me. They gathered around me and waited for the “boss man” to speak.

“Let’s let the girl get back to her job, guys. Don’t want to keep our customers waiting. We can’t make money without her.” He said with a wink, directed towards me.

Every biker from the group cleared the area they were in and left the building. I went to the club’s private bathroom to collect my thoughts.

That man was the leader of that group? I call bull shit. He had to have been only in his early twenties. I thought older men were the kingpin of gangs like that?

I cleared my mind leaving the restroom and headed towards the rooms where we conducted lap dances in.

I danced for the rest of the night with different customers, and finally, my shift had ended.

My home wasn’t far at all, so I’ve always walked to and from work. My work and home were not in the best neighborhood, but that didn’t bother me. I was tough, tougher than most girls my age. I had been through a lot, and so that made me always keep my feelings deep and buried.

I arrived at home, and everyone was still wide awake. My sister was sitting on the couch with her iPad in her lap, and my aunt Devyn was, of course, lying down in bed, watching a movie.

There wasn’t a whole lot of interaction in our house. There hasn’t been for a while, ever since my aunt got sick with cancer. We used to laugh and play cards, dice. Now we just do our own thing, which is a whole lot of nothing.

I went to my room and grabbed a large black T-shirt and a thong out of my tall dresser. I walked to the bathroom that was attached to my bedroom, placed my clean clothes on the sink, and threw my clothes I was wearing on the tiled floor, then jumped in the shower.

As the water was hitting every part of my body, all I could think about was that man, that mysterious man that had me allured, had my mind, eyes, and body held captive. How he treated me like I was nothing. But yet, himself, his sexy body, those peculiar eyes, and that rugged brown hair. I began rubbing my breasts as the water hit them, and with just one finger, I brought it all the way down to my pussy. With him still on my mind, I put one hand up onto the wall of the shower to keep my balance and the other giving myself pleasure. My breathing sped up, the faster I slid my finger in and out. My moans echoed in the shower. It had been a while since I had done this alone. I continued fingering myself until my orgasm finally came. I moaned powerfully, not trying to, but I couldn’t stop. When you go so long without pleasuring yourself, that sexual tension builds up. I just hoped that my aunt and sister didn’t hear me.

This is what has always led me to the thought of me needing my own place.

I had gotten dressed and then went in my room to throw myself onto my king size bed that was clothed with my silky sheets and thick maroon comforter. I had no energy and instantly passed out.

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