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Chapter 2

The next morning, I woke up to my sister screaming at my aunt and my aunt reciprocating. There was no telling what they were arguing about.

I tried sitting up with my eyes wide open, but someone had opened up my curtains, allowing the sun to beam right in my face. I got out from my bed, angrily and stomped into the living room.

“What is going on?” I asked while folding my arms and looking at both of them.

“I’m apparently grounded.” My sister Avery griped to me.

I focused my attention on Aunt Devyn, who was lounging on the couch, continuously shaking her head.

“What’d you do?” I gave her an unpleased look while waiting for her response.

“She done took my car last night to see her little boyfriend Branden or whatever his name is.”

“It’s Broden--” She interrupted as she rolled her eyes.

“I don’t give a damn what the boy’s name is! I don’t want you out in the wee hours of the night with some boy.”

I stood against the wall in the hall listening to the two of them bicker. After them doing so for the next fifteen minutes, I jumped in the conversation to ask what Avery did wrong. Seriously.

“We just hung out.”

“She done had sex with the boy, Silver. She’s going down a bad path, and I can’t stop her.” Aunt Devyn began tearing up as she looked up at the two of us then back at the floor. “Next thing you know she’ll be coming up to us saying she’s pregnant.”

“Is that true, Avery?” I whined with a question.

She began tapping her foot while crossing her arms then revealed, “We had sex one freaking time, and that was here.”

“Yeah, I know. There was a damn condom in my bathroom trashcan. You sure didn’t care who knew, did you?” She huffed and walked off to her bedroom as swiftly as possible.

After aunt Devyn closed her door, I glanced over at Avery.

“You can’t be having sex. You just can’t. You’re sixteen years old. You shouldn’t even be thinking about it.”

“You have sex.” She shrugged her shoulders and widened her eyes.

I shook my head and stated, “Yeah, because I am older. Plus, I take care of the family, the bills; I should get to do whatever I want. Whenever you’re doing the same, then you can be like me.”

“It’s not my fault you chose to go to work instead of school.”

“Avery, I had to quit school. You know this. Aunt Devyn got sick. I couldn’t just let you and her starve or her not get the proper treatment for her cancer. Bills don’t exactly pay themselves either.”

Her mouth shut real quick, realizing what she said. Sometimes Avery says whatever is on her mind without truly thinking first. She went quiet for a second longer, then continued, “You have been a real bitch since you started working at that stupid club!”

“I’m sorry. I’m taking care of fucking everything! So sorry if I’m not the happiest, the most chill person in the world. I have responsibilities to take care of.”

Without another word, Avery simply walked out of the room and into hers.

I hate being the parent. It’s days like these, (which have been often lately) that I wish mom wouldn’t have overdosed and could be here to take care of her children. My aunt did great throughout all the years until she got sick. She had to step into my mom’s shoes and do what she had to do. Raise her nieces with no questions asked. Well then, I had to step up when she fell ill and now, days like this happen, and I don’t know who I can turn to. Who can make me feel happy? When can I get a break? When do I get to act my age?

Nine at night came around, and I was all ready to head to work when Avery came up to me at the door and apologized for her behavior earlier. I didn’t have too much time to talk, but I told her I forgive her and ran out the door because I was running a few minutes behind.

I arrived at work, and the building looked packed. Customers were forming a line out the front entrance and down the street. I knew right then that it was going to be an extremely long night.

Hours later, after dancing for a bunch of drunk and high men, my break time came. I absolutely needed it too. I was sweating, and I had to get dressed in a different outfit. As I started walking towards the changing room, someone slaps me on my ass. It’s Corey.

Corey and I have been on and off fuck buddies. We have always agreed that we never wanted anything more than sex. No emotions, so basically no strings attached. I had to admit though, he was more into me than I was into him. He has always shown up to my work on random days just to wish me a good night at the club. I always thought that was sweet, but nothing was ever going to be enough to make me get involved in a relationship. At least not yet anyways.

“You coming to my place tonight, Silver?” He asked while moving closer to me.

While pulling my hair down from being in a bun, I stared at him. “I guess.”

My answer didn’t sound enthusiastic because I honestly don’t really feel like having sex with him tonight. I pleased myself enough, and my body didn’t really feel the need.

He placed his hand near my bikini line stroking close to the gap between my legs. He wasn’t failing stimulating me, but I had to stop him.

“You know not to do that shit at my job. I will see you later.”

“Okay, baby. I’ll pick you up after your shift.” He whispered while giving a small peck on my lips, keeping it semi-professional in the workplace.

I watched him walk into the lobby, and out the exit. I turned around, bumping into someone, and falling to the floor.

I lift my head and torso up to see who it is. Oh, dear lord. It had to be him.

“You okay?”

I dusted myself as I elevated my body off the floor.

“I’m fine. Thanks.” I professed, avoiding looking him directly into his eyes.

“That your boyfriend that walked out the door?” He still wore that shiny black leather jacket but this time underneath was a simple white t-shirt. His hair was greased back tonight with gel. I tried to avoid studying him but my eyes were deceiving me.

“Hmmm, let me think about that for a second.” I raised my pointer finger over my lips, “that’s none of your business.”

“You have been told how to speak to your authority, your boss, correct?”

I couldn’t take him seriously. I also didn’t understand why he was even concerned about me or my outside of work life.

“I’m sorry, I just honestly don’t get the point of this conversation?”

“I ask you a question, and you answer. Simple as that.” He glared at me with his intense green eyes and giving off a blank look.

I rolled my eyes and complied, “Yes, your majesty.”

I laughed and wandered back to the dressing rooms without looking back to see his reaction.

-Cole Dawson-

Why am I letting this bitch talk to me this way? This whore is just another woman at one of my damn clubs. If I ever was seen by one of the members of the club getting disrespected by a stripper, I’d lose my authority over them, then I’d have absolutely nothing. The club is all I have, and I don’t need them thinking that I can’t fulfill the role of being one of the Knight’s leaders.

I let her go this time, but next time I won’t be mocked in the way she did me tonight.


I hung about here at this club’s location until tonight’s shift was over. I see all our dancers walk out, and for some reason, I’m looking for the one I spoke to earlier in this small crowd. I didn’t understand what was going on with myself. Her attitude alone made me strain against the material of my boxers but when my eyes trailed down her body I felt myself painfully restricted at the seams. Last night and today, she hasn’t vacated my mind. I wanted to uncover whatever was underneath her bewitching charm.


I headed outside the club, and expectedly, there Corey was, waiting for me in his junk silver Honda Civic. Corey is a worker at some factory for cabinets, only making thirteen an hour. I make more than him; what he makes in a month, I can make in two weeks. I wasn’t fucking him for his money; that’s for sure.

His looks weren’t half bad, and his house was even better. He was given a three-bedroom home with a pool/hot tub in the backyard by his late grandfather. We met at my cousin’s party a couple of years ago. She’s also a stripper, except at a different location, same franchise though. We noticed one another and got hooked on our casual sex. I don’t need him; he is just some fun, on the side of my crazy life.

I’m about to get into the car when I notice the man who calls himself my boss, observing my every move. It confused me as to why he would be doing that. Also, why was he still up at the club? Doesn’t he have other businesses to take care of? A club to fuck around with?

He was giving off this vibe that he wanted me. I know that vibe from anywhere since I’m a stripper. It’s not hard to tell when someone is eyeing you for sex.

I desired to give him the opposite of what he wanted, so I gently placed my body into the car, not shutting the door immediately after sitting. This way, he could see me clearly from where he stood.

I grab Corey by his medium-length black hair pulling him towards my face, forcing him to kiss me. He didn’t pull away, and so he shoved his tongue down my mouth. I wanted to yell at him for that but didn’t want to halt teasing. I shut the door after him releasing me.

I slowly start removing my plain black sheer kimono I had over my bikini top, and as I do it, I am watching him not permitting his eyes to leave me. My breasts were clearly hanging out of my top but not enough where my nipples would show. I glided my right hand up and down my breasts.

His body is leaned up against the brick wall corner of the club, half his face in the yellow street light, other side covered by the darkness of the alleyway. His right hand holding a cigarette up to his mouth, taking in multiple hits of his menthol.

It’s like him and I were synced for a moment before Corey decided to drive away from our parallel parking spot. I look in the rear view mirror on the passenger side and see the guy finally look from me and towards the other direction. I couldn’t laugh out loud, so I proceeded to do it in my mind all the way to Corey’s house. Serves him right to think he can control me.

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