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Chapter 3

Shortly after arriving at Corey’s house, we didn’t waste any time and climbed all over one another. We didn’t even make it to his bedroom before all our clothes were on the floor. He probably thinks that my body only craves him, but he’d be wrong. The thought of that man would not leave my mind. He would be the reason me and Corey would have incredible sex.

Corey slid his dick inside me. I was exceptionally wet, so it went in smoothly. He was acting a little strange with his moves this morning, the way he was fucking me. It all of a sudden didn’t feel like there were no strings attached anymore. He seems to have been putting in more emotion with his thrusting and giving a lot more kisses than usual.

One hour passed, and we were still getting each other off. We were like animals breaking out of our cages to release the angst we’ve built up over the past week. I switched to be on top, and as I looked down at Corey’s face, I pretended he was the stranger. I felt like a bad girl doing it, but it’s what got me through our fucking.

After we both came finally and were lying beside each other in his queen bed, I turned my head facing him. He knew I was about to speak.

“What is it?” He asked while getting my bangs out of my face so he could see my grey eyes.

I informed him of how I pleasured myself last night.

He began kissing my neck, ignoring what I had just said.

“Are you even listening?”

“I don’t care, Silver.”

“You don’t care that I don’t need you?”

I shook my head and stood up, still nude, I walk into the hallway to find my clothes. I come back into the room, seeing Corey doing the same. Him getting dressed into something different that was in his dresser.

I was beginning to feel a little awkward being here this moment, but then Corey came over to me and put his hands into mine. I just knew something stupid was about to leave his mouth.

“So, would you like to go on a real date with me? Maybe we can start dating officially.” I gave him an unsure look as he continued, “It’s fine if not, I just thought we both wanted that at this point. It’s been a year we’ve been on and off having casual sex.”

I despised putting down his mood, but it had to be said, “I’m sorry, Corey. I’m not into you, like that.”

I paused, looking at his face change from a smile to a frown of disapproval.

“We have fun doing whatever this is. We don’t need an actual relationship. That’s not how we work.”

He let go of my hands and placed one of his over his face, scratching at his beard.

“It’s true, we do have fun. But I think I’m ready to move our relationship to the next level.”

I stepped a foot back from him and folded my arms. I brought my eyes to his and unfortunately explained how I was not ready to be in a relationship. At least not now at this point in my life. I was only 19 years old. I couldn’t be tied down, not with the responsibilities that have me working super hard just to barely make it.

“Silver, baby. Please. Just give us a chance.”

He begged me a few times more before I finally let out, “I’m sorry, Corey, but no. Now, I have to get home. My sister and Aunt are probably wondering where I am.”

He looked extremely irate while staring at me, not saying a word. I picked up my bag and headed out the door.


The next few days consisted of work, work, work, and running errands for my aunt. Not one of the texts I’ve received came from Corey. I was vastly surprised, considering he always texted me at least once a day. As surprising as it was, it didn’t really phase me. I was fine without speaking to him. I had other things on my mind.

Saturday finally came, and I had to work from ten at night to three in the morning. I was exhausted from the week, so I couldn’t be at my very best with my dancing. Some of my customers noticed and had something to say to our manager.

“Silver, you’re one of our best girls here. Why are you slacking?”

“It’s been a long week, Randall. I’ve been struggling to take care of my housework and coming up with new dance moves for my job here. I also have to make sure my sister who is in high school, make sure she is staying on track with her schoolwork. It’s not easy.”

“Leave your home responsibilities at home, stop thinking about the shit. You are at work, and I expect you to be your best while here. Do better.” He turned around and walked towards his office.

I rolled my eyes while thinking about what he said. I couldn’t lose this job; I wouldn’t know what else to do with myself if I didn’t have this.

My best friend Scarlett interrupted my thinking by tugging at my bikini strap.

“Can I help you?” I asked her as she made her way around to stand in front of me.

“Yes, you can.”

My expression on my face went blank.


She moved her face right up to mine and whispered, “I need you to love me.”

I don’t know why I thought what she was going to say would be serious—shame on me. I had a vacant look on my face as she could see, so she laughed out loud.

“Are you for real? I thought you truly had something to say.”

She giggled a little more and then stopped herself. “So, what’s been going on?”

I filled her in over what happened this past week at home and, of course, about Corey.

“Not, Corey...” She whined while puckering up her face. “I thought y’all were having fun.”

“We were, but he wanted to be more than that.”

“Ha! You? Never. You don’t even know what you’re going to wear tomorrow. You can’t plan out a future with someone right now.”

“You think I don’t know that?” I asked knowingly. “I told him I cannot commit to a relationship right now.”

“Now, who you gonna have fun with?” She nudged my shoulder. “Do you have your eyes set on someone?” She then batted her eyes.

I really didn’t want to tell her about the man who owns this place and how he captured my interest. I honestly didn’t know how I felt about him, so how could I explain it to my best friend? I do know that I can’t get him out of my dirty mind.

“Nope, not yet. I’m not interested in finding anyone right now. Since the last person I hooked up with wanted more.”

“I don’t blame you. Relationships are overrated anyways.”

Like she always did, she talked with me for about ten minutes, then runs off to serve alcohol to the customers. She was one of the waitresses in the club. I am the one who intrigued her into getting a job here. Scarlett and I had known each other since high school before I dropped out. We’ve always had each other’s backs and are crazy as hell.


The last hour of my shift came, and I was worn out, even more so than earlier. I had no lap dances to tend to, so I was sitting in the backroom playing on my phone until something comes up.

Thankfully nothing came about, and I was able to leave for home unwanted.

The day flew by fast, considering I slept most of the day. There was no interaction going on at my house, so I decided to run up to my work while it’s still closed and rehearse a new dance.

I arrived, and thankfully no one was in sight. The club parking lot was empty, as was the inside.

I walked into the changing room and closed the door behind me. I scanned through all the different outfits us dancers could wear besides the ones we own, which were to be kept at home. I picked out one that I hadn’t worn before. I took off my T-shirt along with my bra and threw it on the makeup chair beside me. I dressed in a pothole net crop top, and for bottoms, some ruched booty shorts. I already had on my four-inch black heels, so I didn’t need to get into any others.

I went into the control room where the lights and music were managed. The song I selected was “River” by Bishop Briggs.

I knew as I walked down the stairs that when I reached the stage, I would dance the best I know how.

Twenty minutes passed, and I became tired but continued wrapping my arms and legs around the pole.

When I get on stage; my stress, past, and my worries vanish as I lose myself within my dancing. I understand I am just a stripper, but if I never became one, I would have never experienced this feeling. The men and women that fill the club become nonexistent, and I can feel myself floating along with the music.


Some days I have to get away from everything for a little bit. All the clubs are closed during the day, so I decided to go to one of the five we own.

I pull out my keys from my pants pocket and unlock the backdoor. While walking through the hallway to reach the lobby, I notice the changing room door is wide open. I wander towards it to check and see if anyone was there.

Clothes were tossed onto a chair, but no one was around.

I could hear music playing at a medium volume coming from the lobby, so I followed.

Stepping foot inside, I immediately became aware of the woman dancing on stage. It was her.

The way she was moving to the music had me riveted. I wasn’t obsessed with her dance but more obsessed with how it was making her feel. I could tell dancing was a passion of hers just by watching.

I removed a cigarette from the box, lit it, and took a drag. My eyes were fixated on her, not wanting to leave. My body suddenly became incredibly comfortable in the chair I was sitting in.

I had no control over how I was feeling about this woman. I’ve acquainted myself with tons of women, but none of them were befitting.

I was invisible to her right now, and I didn’t mind.

Her breasts were made known even through all the holes in her top. Her luscious ass hung out of her shorts and shook to the beat.

Between her passion and her body, my bulge couldn’t help but attend the show. My stare became intense and lingered.

Abruptly, the music ended, and the dancing stopped.


I felt I had practiced enough and decided I’d go home for a little bit before my shift. Before making my way to the hallway, I saw a shadowy figure sitting at one of the small one-man tables.

“Is someone there?” The lights kept me from seeing his or her character.

No answer.

Menthol scent filled my nostrils, and, in my mind, all I could think of was that man.

Sure enough, I wasn’t wrong.

He stood up from the chair and ambled near where my feet were glued to the floor.

“What are you doing here?”

“I came to watch the show.”

“You do that often? Just creepily watch people?”

His chuckle was soft, “Nope, not normally.”

“Oh, so I guess I’m special or something.” I shrugged my shoulders.

“Not to burst your bubble, miss. But I was coming to make sure all the clubs were in order.”

“You suck at your job.”

“You’re completely right. I do.” A smirk displayed across his face. “I guess I got distracted.”

I couldn’t help but feel attractive at that moment. He became preoccupied by me?

“What’s your name?”

“Cole. Cole Dawson.” He said with confidence.

“I’m Silver.”

A connection was formed while both our set of eyes were immovable from our bodies.

I bit my bottom lip, not saying a word.

“You wanna get out of here?” He contentedly asked.

Without thinking first, I nodded my head, yes. What was I doing?

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