The Ghost MC

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I never knew my father, he died six days after I was born. From what i've heard he was one of the best mechanic in town. That's what I knew until i turn 16.

My mom, Lily, is running the business that my father and his best friend founded, The Old School auto service. I was very proud that my mon took my father legacy further. Within the years i realized that i was the legacy.

My father's best friend, Alex, is now my mom's husdband. In other circumstances maybe i wouldn't agree with this situation but givin' that my father was murdered i was actually happy for them.

In highschool i meet Serena, this gourgeous girl, simple, but extreamly talented. She was my first love. We've been together for 2 years until she decided that is best to leave Chicago and go to New York to become a doctor. I never heard from her since then.

Now i'm 20, my wife, Wendy, is full of drogs and pregnant in 4 months. I'm the vicepresident of The Ghost MC. My name is Marcelle, Mark for friends, and this is my story!

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