Willie's Requiem

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Book 1 of the Nan McHough Mystery Series. Rewrite of a novel about a news reporter in New Orleans. She investigates the murder of a street merchant - Willie, in doing so runs afoul of the law and the underworld. Christian-Lite

Action / Drama
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“You’re either one Kung Foo honey, lookin’ for a dance; or you are the most unlucky bitty ever to grace the face of the earth,” the hooker looked at the distressed girl. “How did a classy sister like you get dumped on this corner?”

“I need to get out of this neighborhood,” the girl said to the woman.

“How many rocks you buy anyway little girl? You one stupid . . .”

She cut her off. “You carry a cell phone, don’t you, I will give you $20 to call me a cab.”

“Whoa, baby girl, do I look like your private secretary?” The prostitute reached into her bra and pulled out a cell phone turned away from the girl and called someone. Seconds later a blue BMW rounded the corner and parked in front of Nan and the hooker. “Deliver this child,” said the hooker to the man in the BMW.

“Listen sweet thing, you got two choices, you ride with my man, or you take off walking, either way you are leaving this corner.” The woman then opened the door to the car.

The girl took a deep breath, got in the passenger side of the BMW and grabbed onto the door handle. If he points this car any direction but toward Canal Street I will bale out.

The hooker tapped on the window and held out her hand, “that’ll be $40.”

The girl rolled down the window. “$40?”

“Yeah, $20 for the call, $20 for the ride.”

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