Died for my Doppelganger

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The year is 2040. The dictator of the country has just abolished women's rights, despite Celeste Knight's efforts. Jennifer Ford is an innocent woman who is about to be dragged into the fight for dominance. Who will emerge victorious?

Action / Drama
Larissa Le Maistre
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The reporters surged forward, simultaneously bombarding him with questions. "Sir, have you really abolished women's rights?", "Your honour, what is the cause of your hatred for females?"

"Silence!" he barked... and was swiftly obeyed. "I have prepared a short statement for the media.

"Ahem. From this day forward, women's rights will be a thing of the past. Females are weak and stupid. They deserve nothing. Everybody is required to purchase a new and updated copy of the Book of Laws to read up on what the new law states so they may act accordingly. Anybody who dares oppose this new law will be severely punished."

The media moved forward once again, armed with cameras and microphones. "Why have you established this new law?", "Do you have anything to say to the female citizens of the country?"

"How dare you disobey me!" he thundered. Silence and fear swept over the crowd. "I have nothing else to say. You are all dismissed. Do you understand?!" This time his orders were obeyed, and the mass of reporters shuffled away with their heads bowed and their eyes downcast.

Nobody dares oppose Him.

On the other side of the city, a young woman screamed in frustration at the news broadcast. She had tried so hard to protect the women of the country. All her work had been in vain. She hated him.
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