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When Mila was 10 her mother was murdered. Her father vowed to never lose his little girl and trained her to be a killer from that moment on. And at fifteen her father died and with his last words, named her his heir and stated that she would take over at 20. She's 19 now and has a target on her back. For if anyone could kill Miss Mila "Cross" Hunter would inherit the club. All was going to plan until he came back.

Action / Romance
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Trigger Happy

Never kick me when I'm down,

and if you do make sure I'm dead

Because when I get back up...

your fucked..


Mila stretched as she woke up. It had been along night and she was dead tired but that would mean shit all, as no one knew she had left last night. So she got up and changed into a pair of shirts and sports bra and threw her hair up in a bun on the top of her head, brushed her teeth and walked down to the gym. She worked out before anyone ever got up. She had been working out for an hour when she herd Sharp’s voice bellowed from the house. “CHURCH NOW!” I grabbed my towel and sauntered inside knowing where this was going. When I walked in and took my seat next to sharp he looked down at me. “Good workout?” I nodded. “Good cause your gonna be going on a run with Taz and Halo tonight.” I nodded again, I’d get the details later. Once everyone had filed in and was seated Sharp started.

“Theo was killed last night” I whipped my head towards him. “What!” It was easy to play dumb. “Why.... do they know who...” Sharp shook his head and looked at me. “I don’t know kid maybe someone who knew you as a kid or respected your dad it taking the players out... ”

Gage looked at me “There doing the work for us Cross, its only a few months now and you’ve come so far. All of us in here would lay our lives down right here right now. But let them do the dirty work for us if they want too."

It was easy to act surprised because I was the one picking the players off the board, but it wasn’t like any of the guys to get sentimental. Gage had been my trainer as soon as my father died and his chosen second got put in jail. Sharp was my mentor and told me at the time I turned eight-teen he would gladly step down and let me take over he thought I was ready, but I wanted the two extra years before I did. It was my fathers dying wish. More club business was talked about and when Sharp closed church it was time for my real workout.

“Come on, two more.” Sweat was dripping off my body I looked up at the ceiling and pulled myself up slowly. I let myself down to my starting position. ” Cross let’s go one more!” I started to pull myself my grip starting to give but I held on and screamed as I got myself up and then dropped to the floor. Training as twice a day has been my everyday for almost five years. I was always pushed harder than anyone else and I pushed myself the same. I had to be better than everyone. I might not be stronger physically but I had to be mentally and emotionally and strategically, I had to be faster, and smarter than any opponent I was up against. And so far I’ve ticked four off of the list of six. Two left and now that word was out I needed to do more recon. The President’s of the last two clubs needed to be taken out. I was the only girl to have a patch. And I had earned that shit a few years ago when a rival club kidnapped me and wanted information and after I was bruised and bloodied they dumped me on my front door step. Sharp got my cut made and I had woke up with it on my lap. I cried. Not because of the cut it’s self even though I was hella proud, but for my dad knowing that he would have approved of my silence.

I took a breath and pushed myself to stand and walked over to grab my water bottle when I heard it. Engines. I looked at Garth “Got company warn Sharp.”

I grabbed my towel and wiped my face off and threw on a shirt, my cut and grabbed my gun I made my way outside, just as a single bike pulled in and I stopped in my tracks. “All good!” I yelled to everyone rushing out side. He got off his bike and walked over to Sharp and they hugged.

“Good to see you brother...” I didn’t listen to the rest as I hopped on my bike a tore off kicking dirt in my wake and not looking back. Knowing he was watching my back. Asking myself one question...Why didn’t I know. And the only answer I had was Sharp knew how I’d react.

Which he was obviously wrong cause I didn’t loose my shit. I went to the only place no one would dare bother me. Dad’s grave.

I hope you all like this first chapter, as I'm so excited to start this journey with all of you !!


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