The Dark Phoenix MC

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Show Up

Dogs don't feel sorry for themselves,

they adapt, carry on, and teach us to live in the moment.

So call me a bitch.

As I sat at dads grave nothing but that night ran through my mind. I knew where they had stashed the guns but I would never tell and I moved them slowly over time over the years so no one would know. Not even the club. I was taken for the stash site and didn’t talk, had the scars to prove it. But that was the night I lost everything, my dad and him, my lively hood. That was the day my life literally changed.

Back then I knew runs were dangerous, but my dad always came home and… and when Smoke and Sharp burst in the club bloody and hanging on one another I jumped up and got to work. As I pulled a bullet out of Sharp I asked where my dad was, and I he looked at me and I knew. I has seen that look one everyone of these guys eyes “ and…” I couldn’t even finish, I didn’t need to he answered “stayed and took the heat…. stayed with your dad. Told us to get the fuck out of there.” I looked at him.. my eyes watered but kept it together, dressed Sharp and worked on Smoke. and held it together till I made it to my room and showered. I was then that I lost it. I don’t know how long I had been in there but the water had turned cold the next thing I knew I was being lifted off the tile floor and a towel wrapped around my body and put in bed. and I made a silent vow to my self that night. That I’d kill every last one of those fucks who was there that night and but a bullet between their eyes. The next day I woke up and ran. My longest run at the time. when I got back sweaty and sore I was met by dads attorney and his will. I was to read it and burn the copy and that there was another in my room under the sink in a sleeve. To get emotional and have Sharp read it. and no one else. That the attorney knew all of this.

He named me president when I turned 20. Now just 3 weeks from now. I followed his instructions and worked my ass off. But I did it my way. I worked for it, and now at VP I had earned it. Deciding it was time to head back with my head held high, regardless of how I thought of him, I needed this. I knew he did the right thing and why but that didn’t mean I liked it. But I had known this day would come. And there was still one thing dad had left for me to do, and I wasn’t going to let him down. He knew me and my feelings, knew I’d never let them go. He knew that I loved him, always had always would.

So I got on my bike and was ready to take life by the balls as I always had. but I texted the guys in our club chat not to tell him anything that happened to me and how I got my cut. If he wanted to know he could ask me himself. I waited until after I got everyones agreement I headed back to the club.

As I drove through town people waved and I waved back and dipped my head. People trusted us as well as the Police, we always helped when we could and kept drugs and guns business out of town as well as trouble. We were all friendly and family people. We were not the norm for most MCs’ and we liked it that way. Family was everything and some had mistaken that for weakness a few years back and with he town with us we took out everyone who thought they could exploit that. We also has respect from our neighbouring towns as well. And when they needed help they called us.

I pulled my race bike next to my wide bar and took off my helmet placing it on my bench and dropped my cut over my arm and with a determined swagger to my step walked into the club,I looked at Sharp he motioned for the chap. I followed and when I looked he was there sitting, waiting. I ignored him. Looked at Sharp and waited. “ He going, he needs to see who we do things, which are quite different from when he was here last.” I nodded. and he whipped his head too Sharp.

“I thought Halo was point.”

Sharp nodded his head at me, and I knew what he wanted. knew I wanted it like this. Me above him and Sharp knew it had to be done. I took my cut and twirled it around my head and put it on.

I smirked “Halo isn’t VP.”

“WHAT THE FUCK SH…!” I whirled and had a knife pressed to his throat before he could finish.

“Raise your voice at him again and it will be the last words you utter, got it.” His eyes wide as he looked from where I was standing to my eyes.

“And that is why she’s my VP, ask any man here and they will tell you they’d have it no other way. She earned it so keep your shit on lock brother.”

He looked from Sharp to me and nodded. “Got it.”

“Cross, is running point and Halo is my third, in this case second tonight. dismissed.”


I nodded at Sharp and looked at him “we leave in ten. Be ready.” Without waiting for a reply I turned and walked out and straight to the bar. “G! tequila and beer babe.” I felt his eyes on me the whole time. As I downed my shot Halo said “Got a shot, beer to shot gun and swagger to her step, it’s run time.”

I poked a hole in the bottom of my can dipped my head and popped the tab, downed my beer. “Thanks love. I turned to the guys, “Halo my man would be right, we leave in eight.” and I walked out to the garage to grab my gear.

I felt him follow me. Silent as I turned on music and as I checked my bike, as I strapped on my holsters, and started loading up. My guns on my back, and knifes on my things and wrists and spare gun on my ankle as I was putting on my leather gloves and put in my ear piece. I took a breath “If you’re just going to stare take a picture if not, load up.” I turned he was right in front of me I looked up at him and my breath caught in my throat. His eyes are just as I remembered with more depth than I remember them having. Which made them even more mesmerizing than I remember. His features more defined than the young man that left me. We stood there looking at each other for who knows how long and I heard Taz’s bellow of heading out and made my way to my racer. Straight matte black and the best part. Fast. Because not only was I lead my guys always got to the meet early and I scoped out the place. I was pulling on my helmet when he answered. “I already have one.”

“ Doesn’t change anything Carson.” and pulled my helmet on and started my bike and pulled out meeting Halo and Tax. “Let’s ride.”

I'm absolutely loving writing Mia as a character and I hope to grow her as one through out her story


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