The Dark Phoenix MC

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Stone Crawl

I fell for you long ago and I'm still falling

The meet was thirty minutes away and about five minutes into the drive I gave my signal, and sped off. I scoped the forest and building I heard the guys pull up as I finishing the roof. “Where the hell is she!” muffled talking “yo0u guys just let her speed off like that?” Muffled talking”

“Are you doe yet.” I yelled down with my hands on my hips.

“Get your ass down here.” Carson yelled.

I back up and ran and yelled “Woo-hoo!” as I through my self over the edge and flipped in the air

“The FUCK!!” was yelled as I flipped in the air and landed on my feet in a crouch position.

Moving to standing a smile on my face, “ Damn that never gets old.”

I was grabbed by the arms “The fuck was that?!”

I smirked “You said and I quote get your ass down here… well here I am.”

He looked at Taz and Halo “You guys just let her do this shit?” They shrugged. “I’m having a word with Sharp when we get back.”

“Carson shut up, I’m trained and have been doing this a while, so instead of showing up here trying to me a clingy ex-boyfriend be a man and suck it up, you are the “newby” here so shut up and don’t talk and let the grownups handle business.”

“Don’t talk to..”


“stop talking to me like I’m no-one.”

“Seriously shut up for a minute.. “ I tilted my head. “There here.” I looked at him with the fear of god look “As your Vice I am asking you to not talk and just watch and listen can you do that?” He looked at me realizing that a new player has come forward and nodded. “Thank you. On your bike, helmet off and follow their lead.” Pointing to Halo and Taz. He nodded again.

We got on our bikes Just as four bikes pulled up. I got off my bike and walked with swagger to my walk. “Beat nice to see you.” I hugged him and kissed his cheek. “Hows the wife?”

He smiled. “been better and like wise I just wish it was better circumstances, you got something for me?”

I nodded and walked to Halo I reached my hand out and he handed me the envelope “I do. did the work myself.” I stated as I handed it to him. “ He has her in the attic, four windows, three entrances in tot he house fifteen guards.”

He looked at me.”Can you do it?”

I nodded. “fifteen.”


“Perfect, you’ll have her in your arms in two days. With his head on target.” He put his hand out. I shook it, walked back to my bike. “I’ll be in touch.” He nodded as I put my helmet on, the guys followed suit and we pulled out.

We all pulled up to the club and a parry was in full swing. Carson was off his bike and in the club in seconds. I was pissed. How dare he disrespect me. took a deep breath. Got off my bike and made my way inside with Halo and Tap flanking me. When we got inside Carson was yelling as Sharp was getting up “ She is not a child anymore, she’s a grown woman and has given just about the same if not more to this club than you will ever now. So shut up and show your Vice President some damn respect! if you can’t you can take your ass out.” When they looked over at me all the guys in the Club were standing behind me.

I nodded and they disbursed out and I walked to the bar “G!” she walked up and signed looked at me and nodded. No one talked as we watched Gena line up five shot glasses and poured tequila in them. I downed them all looked at Carson “Outside, NOW!” I took off my cut and sweater as I went leaving my tank on. when we walked out the pit already two guys in it sparing. I walked up to Ghost “how long has it been?”

“Just stared nothing thrown yet.” I nodded and walked in gestured for them to come to me.

“I have to teach a newly a lesson mind if we cut in? I put four hundred added to the pot for the winner of your fight.” They looked at each other and nodded. “Awesome take the bench.”

I turned and looked at Carson. “ Let’s go.”

“I’m not fighting you.”

“Yes you are, All you see is the fragile girl you knew when you went away, You need to start seeing me as a person who has earned where they are and that that can take care of themself, and the only way you’re going to get it is if I prove it. So. Let’s. Go.”

Sharp grabbed his shoulder. “You know she’s right. But just so you know, a lot of people have been where you are and by people I mean men and she’s still where she is. And they now follow her.” Sharp looked at me and nodded.

“Okay, let’s go.” He walked into the pit with his head held high.

I smiled and bounced on my feet. Light, fast, calculate. and as I watched him walk I knew his b body better than he did. All his tells and past injuries. He’d be hard to take but I could.

Ghost looked at Carson who nodded and looked at me I nodded. “Go!” and it began.

Two minutes in I knew he was holding back but so was I. I never let my demon out to play. “Don’t go easy on me that’s no way for this to go. I've taken men bigger than you Carry.” He looked at me. and I knew it was the wrong thing to say, his eyes were narrowedand glazed over. He lost it. Fighting blind with rage. It made him sloppy, throwing punches which I took to show him I could. I looked over at Sharp who nodded. and I jumped and punch his face which cleared his mind a little. and I saw it and kept punching and kicking, moving him back toward the line. I spun and kicked aiming at his head but he caught my legs and threw my to the ground and punched my face and ribs. I hardly felt them. I kicked back up to standing. I jumped twisting around his body to his back and bringing him to the ground and let a fury of punches and elbows go. I backed off and let him get up but that’s when I ran jumped. He tried to grab me but I was too fast I swung my body up and had my legs around his head and brought his body to the ground and had his neck in my hands snap ready, when he stopped moving knowing I won he tapped.

He stood and offered a hand which I declined. Without a word I walked to Sharp and asked for our hundred of my cut to go to the pool for the next fight he nodded and I walked to my room. I showered put on sweats and a sports bra as I walked back to my bathroom to brush my teeth. As I was rising my mouth is when I heard the knock. I knew who it was. So when I opened it I was prepared for him.


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