The Dark Phoenix MC

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What Once Was

I walked over to the door but didn’t open it. Having a sense of da-ja-vu. The past playing like an old movie. He knocked and told me what he and my dad had suspected but they couldn’t afford to not go. The scene played out in my head as another knock sounded pulling me back into the moment. I opened the door and my breath caught. He’s even more beautiful after a shower. His hair wet and messy like he’s run his hands through not a thousand times. A tight black t-shirt with tattoos peaking out and dark washed jeans. I always knew he was mine. and the look i his grey eyes hold me the same, but would he fight for me, or leave me again. He tilted his head to the side indicating he was waiting for an answer to a question I hadn’t herd.

“ What?”

“I’m sorry and I should opt trusted not only you but Sharp and the guys, I know your not the same girl but I’d like to get to know this new woman.” So he was trying too sweet talk me? Well i’m not up for it … at least not yet…

I straightened my posture “Let me ask you a question…” He nodded. “When you left did you think about me, or my father, or just the club?” He looked down at me for a few moments. Then nodded and looked up with something new in his eyes.

“Your father. He had enough time for a few words before…. before…. before his died in my arms, and I have followed his wishes to the last one.”

It was my turn to nod. “Okay. What do you want out of this club now?”

“For it to be my home again.” I love him but will never say it until he’s earned it. He looked down “And you.”

“What.” He looked up and right at me. And the look in those yes was pure love and fight and I knew in the moment he’d be mine forever. But he’s not going to know that…

“You, Mila. I want you. And I’m going to fight this time. And I’m not going anywhere.” He turned to walk away, and I grabbed his arm. He looked down at my hand and then over his shoulder. “You wanted to know, and you got your answer…”

“Yes, but you didn’t ask what I wanted. And incase you wanted to know, It’s you too. But…” I didn’t get to finish before he grabbed my face and kissed me. and it was like fireworks behind my eyes. Cheesy I know But it’s what happened. and I remembered his body every inch of his lips and explored the new muscles on his body. Running my hands down and back under his shirt. I moaned when one of his hands moved from my neck down to my breasts thumb grazing my nipple and continued down my hips to wrap around to my ass.

She hated to but she brakes the kiss and steps back. “ I’m not the same girl, Words are great but I need the action, Carson. Show me I’m more.” I get on my tip toes and kiss his cheek. “Goodnight Carson.” I say as I step back into my room and shut the door. But a foot stops it. He swipes his thumb over my cheek and then my bottom lip as he says.

“I will Mila. You’re all I thought about when I was behind those walls. Getting back to you. So, Good night and sweet dreams my love.” He gives me a blinding smile that would have my knees give out which they did after I closed the door.

I set my alarm for two hours texted Sharp I’d be going out later to do some recon for the job and to not tell anyone, if we did have a tractor still here I didn’t want to tip them off. and went to get some sleep. and when I woke those two hours later the house was still pumping as I got ready in a pair of shorts and long sleeve with a too big plaid shirt on and a back pack with my black skin tight suit in a backpack with some other “Supplies and weapons.” and as I hopped out my window I said a prayer and ran around the house I stayed in the shadows of the house as I checked to see if anyone was in the garage or coming out of the house. When the way was clear, I ran over and grabbed my helmet and bike and walked it off the property. When I was a ways off I started my bike, put my helmet on and took off. About five minutes into the drive I was aware of someone following me.

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