Amb'r Requiem

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Action / Fantasy
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Amb'r Requiem

Umbra stepped in front of his younger sister in nick time, blocking a potential fatal cleave by the creature's battle ax. Still battered and bruise during his last against another those strange, bulky, man-like lupines, Umbra struggled to hold it at bay nor keep a firm grasp of his rapier, the werewolf pushing him back with leaden steps.

"Nay," Umbra grunted, "I shall not loseth h're. Anon at which hour I has't yet not dare mine own eldest in combat. If 't be true, I doth not winneth this anon, so holp me I holidam to climb out hell's bottomless and declare vengeance!" Umbra replied as much dignity as he could muster, flexing legs and arms to their breaking and winced.

With a growl of fury, the werewolf tightened its grip on his ax's handle exertimg more pressure on waning Umbra who refused to forfeit. Right when victory assured the werewolf, both its legs received lacerations out of nowhere bleeding a great degree. Pure crimson orbs gazed in awe at the sudden injuries. Umbra scrawled this unprecedented opportunity, knocking its weapon from its flaccid clutch with a single slash. This decisive moment abetted Umbra the opening he needed to finished this damn monster off once and for all.

"Anon!" he made a lunge at it, caressing his thin blade engraving runes bright incandescent orange. "l shall succeedeth! I shall decideth 't with this," closing distance between them, it made one final attempt; the creature's entire body bathed in a deep crimson aura, frenzied, bellowing its valor song and moved in urgent haste. The witcher persist unfazed by the prospects of being oneself. A clawed hand grabbed for Umbra, but he dodged without conscious thought in concert with reeling his rapier back, maneuvering under its large extended arm at the same time. "Thou art finish!" There Umbra unleashed a flurry of slashes streaking ripe orange focused on his enemy's torso. "Ariseth, resound and singeth mine own song of ire," connecting repeated strikes, he sent forth a spiral flare from his open right palm forward to its path, engulfing its entirety ablaze and blew it asunder in spell of its name, "Amb'r Requiem!"

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