The wolf: a new chapter

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The wolf had to get it in 1 try only. One try. That was all or he would be doomed.

Action / Adventure
Paras Sharma
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The wolf : a new chapter

The person was waiting in the bushes. Yup, waiting for the stag, Grimwood , the king of world between worlds, to come to his office. His primary mission was to steal the crown quietly and give it to the wolf, Nephrine. He had been waiting for like an hour for the stag to arrive. Suddenly the person heard footsteps. Footsteps of a stag coming in the direction of the office. The person, Jamie, peeked from behind the bushes and saw the stag. He saw the stag change into his human form and enter the office. When after five minutes no sound was heard, he quietly moved to the back window of the office. He saw the stag sitting at his desk, rummaging through papers and there was a dim light coming from the room. But, Jamie knew that the crown was inside the door in his office. He also knew that the door was locked and the stag was keeping an eye on the door. He had to distract the stag. But how? Then he got a great idea. Jamie called the stag. The stag picked up and asked that who was speaking. Jamie said that he was the wolf and he wanted to meet him on the bridge. And the idea worked. The stag left for the bridge and Jamie now had approximately 40 minutes to search and steal the crown.
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