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What would happen if an angel fall from heaven to earth what would happen if the angel vanished from heaven LOST (A/N): hiiiii I'M BACK WITH A NEW STORY HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!!!!!!! So this story is base on the character me and my friends came up with, in this story, there is going to be a fallen angel to hope you all like it

Action / Fantasy
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What would happen if an angel fall from heaven to earth or what would happen if that angel vanishes from the heaven

What would happen if that angel been hiding on earth for years until a human found out who he really is

Will, there meeting be



Or Curse??

And what will happen if an old friend of his(angel) finds out who he is?



Ok, guys, this story is not gonna be out until me and my friends finish making all the characters

And there is going to be a meme in some of the chapter

Bye-bye ^○^

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