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chapter 9

Taurus P.O.V

Aries and i made it back to hell after the conversation with the angel and the now fallen angel

we made it to the castle after a few minutes

and when we’re inside we start walking to the kings room to speak with him about the mission to heaven

the mission went well so we are going to gave the king a full report about it

we manage to stole the book like the king said

i know nothing of the book only the king and Aries know about the book i don’t even know what is the name of the book

Aries is the kings son

he is the prince and the next ruler of hell

he is the son of the Devil him self and yet he hides it from everyone and said that he only a demon that is every close with the king

everyone may think that we devil and demons do bad thing we do but not always we can be kind to

Aries show kindness to me when i was a child, he save me from the horrible world i use to live in, and gave me a new life to start over


“F-father i-i’m sorry i d-didn’t mean to said t-that i-i j-just-” i wasn’t able to finish my sentence before my father punch my face

This happend everyday when i was a child my parents would abuse me everyday

My mother telling me how worthless i am, my father beat me up everyday

My parents only ever show love to me is when my brother is home

My parents love my brother for his work, he works as one of the king warrior my brother is a great fighter he fight many battle and many people for the king and my parents was so proud of him

My brother was also a friend of the unknown prince

The king son the prince is unknown to everyone no one know who he really is only a few people in the kingdom knows him

And my brother is one of them

Oh how i envy him

I always wish that i could have his life it would be great

My parents would love me they won’t call me names they won’t beat the shit out of me

They would just love me

“Oh y’know what we don’t fucking need you, YOU LITTLE SHIT!!!” my father yell at me before he kick me out of the house

I didn’t move a single bit i fell so lifeless after everything that they have done to me

“Hey are you alright there little one?” I heard a voice asking me “i don’t even know anymore” i answer to the voice

I don’t even care if i die anymore maybe that would be batter

“I saw what happened” i turn around to the sound of the voice and saw a young man standing next to me

“Come here let me help you out i promise i won’t do anything to you” the man said “and how do i know you not lying” i ask him

“Even demon can do kind things” the young man said

I sigh and gave him a little nod then he carried me somewhere

When he stop i look around and my eyes widen in shock

This is the castle

“Why are we here?” I ask he gave me a little smile and say “this is my home welcome”

“Let me tell you a secret little one my name is Aries, i’m the son of the king the devil him self” the young man known as psyche smile at him

W-wait the prince. THE PRINCE IS IN FRONT OF ME!

“S-so yo-your t-the p-prince?” I ask him again

“Yes i’m and your brother is very worry about you” mister Aries said with a smile

Wait my brother?

Oh yeah he said that his the prince friends

“He said you aren’t acting like yourself lately” the prince said “your Taurus the younger brother of Scorpio right?” He ask

“Yes i am” i answer him

We made it inside the palace and i saw my brother walking to us

“Oh my god! Taurus what happened to you?!” My brother Scorpio scream as he saw how beaten up i am

“I’m sorry” i said to him “I’m sorry if been hiding the fact that our parents abuse me every time you’re not around” My brother aura goes dark really dark

“I’ll kill them” he said quietly “i’ll kill them!” he Said louder this time

“My prince do you give me permision to kill them?!” My brother look at Aries with pain and anger in his eyes

“Do what you want i don’t care i don’t even know them you can kill them if you like that is up to you” i was surprise of his reply

He really is heartless

“Now now little one i am not heartless your parents deserved it for what they’ve done to you” the prince said

The next day when i got back to my house i saw my brother covered in the blood of my parents

And my parents lying lifeless on the ground with there head cut off

Aries then put me in a school for both angels and demon alike

It’s funny how someone so evil can show kindness

In that school, i made a cute little angel name Libra

A lot of people likes her

And there is this three group of boys that always say ‘that Libra doesn’t like you and never will’

One day i heard that the three of them are going to make a love potion and gave it to Libra

Libra was so innocent and i don’t want that innocent to be gone

So one day i put a note on their lockers saying to meet me behind the school after class

And they did came once they see me they smirk and said “why are you here are you the one that give us this note saying to go here?”

I look at with a poker face no emotion at all

And after school their body was found dead on the ground

My first kill and that was for her

For Libra i will do anything

It’s funny the three of them were angel and yet they did such a sin

I guess not all demons are bad and not all angels are good

turns out it can be the other way around

~end of flashback~

“Taurus stay outside i need to speak with my father alone today you can go to your room if you like” Aries said

“Of course” i answer and start to fly of before that Aries stop me “good job today kid” i smile at what he said and fly off to my room





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