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chapter 10

Aries P.O.V

I watch as Taurus flys off to his room, once I can’t see him anymore I walk into my fathers’ room inside I saw as my father look up from the book he was reading and look straight at me with a smile that means trouble

“Ah my son did you get the book I send you to get?” my father asked the smile not leaving his face as I walk towards him

I stop right in front of him and raise my hand, flames came out of my hand after I raise it

when the flame disappear the book that my father send me to get was in my hand

my fathers smile then turn into a sinister smirk as he saw the book

“Good job my son as expected,” said to me as I gave him the book

“Is there anything you want to tell me?” I sigh he really can read me like a book “I bump into Gemini on the way back”

“oh? how is he? is he doing well?” my father asked remembering when me and Gemini was still playing together

“bad news to be honest,” I said I lower my face not daring to look at my father in the eyes “what kind of bad news are you talking about Aries?” his voice was loud

his eyes were looking at my soul full of disappointment “Gemini the last outsider to ever life fall into the river of sin”

my father’s horn came out at what I said his eyes turning red “and what happened then my son” his voice became so deep and demonic as he said those word “his hallow is cracked his white wings turn black a silver black”

my father wings came out almost knocking me out but I dodge just in time before it hit me

I took out my wings for defends my father stops a grab my face making me look up at him “this can mean war against heaven and hell! Gemini was the last outsider that ever live and now you’re telling me that Gemini became a fallen angel?!”

my father let go of my face and stare at me “it’s bad enough we stole the book of outcast from the and now the only one that holds the shadows is now fallen and can’t hold them back anymore?!” my father scream

“where is he now?” my father asked, “if his a fallen angel he should be in hell right now so where is he now?” I sigh I really don’t want to tell him

“Gemini is going to earth” after the word came out of my mouth my father snap

“war is about to come and both of us are going to fight in the front line” I bow in front of him as he sits back on his chair “as you wish my king”


3rd person P.O.V

“Are you sure you’re going to earth Gemini? I’m sure the king won’t mind you staying you’re his son after all” Capricorn said as he looks at his mentor packing his things

“Sorry but I need to leave I don’t want to cause him trouble for letting me stay here,” I said to him

“Capricorn take care of your sister for me Libra must be sad that I’m leaving and you know how Virgo can be,” I said to him

“I’ll miss you” I heard him said “I’ll miss you too” with that I fly off to earth


I miss you guys

i’m back sorry this chapter is short i’m going to make longer ones in the future i promise

it’s so good to see you all read again

i’m gonna go now i love you all!


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