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chapter 1

Yay I finally make chapter 1😊😊

After from so long of thinking i finally think of this and make it

Ok then back to the story


Gemini P.O.V

I was walking around out of boredom for being in my house ‘what should I do no’ i ask myself in my head. I was bored as fuck for being in my own house, I sigh as I start to walk again

And not too long after someone flies past me fast, then some angel flies past me as well. When I turn around to see what’s going on, I see some Angels chasing someone, someone ′fimiliar

“Gemini!” I heard someone yell my name from behind, I turn around and saw...


What is she doing here? “God damn it!” She says flying pass me. Wow, she’s flying faster then she usually does, what’s going on?

Well it’s not my problem so who cares and then I went back home

*time skip*
(the walk was boring)

When I got home I saw something strange, why was my house door open? I walk in to find my house was a mess

“What the fuck just happen!?” I yell in frustration, then I heard a sound coming from my room, I walk in slowly so that something or someone didn’t hear me

I walked in to see someone looking for something in my room, when I look at him I saw something ′fimiliar′ about him, he has mix black-red wings and red horns for sure he is not an Angel

3rd person P.O.V

As Gemini keeps on looking at the guy that came in his house, he saw something ′fimiliar′ about the guy

As the guy takes something from Gemini’s closet, he then exits through the window and flies off

Gemini then enter his room to look what did the guy take from his closet, when he found out what did the guy take from him, and then he looks out the window to see the same guy being chased by a group of Angel

And when he looks to the left side he saw Virgo casting a teleportation spell, looks like she is going to teleport her way to the guy

Then Gemini fly’s out of his window and scream


And fly up at 50% speed

(A/N: the guy was only flying at 30% of his speed ps. They're the fastest)

Virgo P.O.V


I heard someone scream that behind me “what the?” I say in a surprised tone and then when i turn around i see Gemini flying and chasing the guy all of the Angel was chasing him but the only thing that surprises me was Gemini is catching up to the guy

I can’t believe it, then i turn back to focus on my teleportation spell so i can catch up to him to

3rd person P.O.V

Gemini was flying until he passes the guy that was flying away from all the other angel and then.....

He attacks

The guy block Gemini’s attack then it’s his turn to attack his attack was strong, they fought and fought until Gemini saw the guys face



End of chapter 1

I finally update chapter 1 and now it’s done so what do you guys think?

ok so a doujin is some sort of manga that is a fanfiction of some character

tbh just look it up

See you all in the next chapter

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