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chapter 2

Gemini P.O.V

I can’t believe my eyes

Why is he here?

How is he here?

Why did he do this?

Why would he take my ‘DOUJIN’?!

“Why are you here...


he just looks at me and smirks “orders” he says like it was nothing “and why the fuck did you take my DOUJIN HEH?!” I yell

“Well, why not?” He says with a smug face, ‘ugh how I hate that face’ I thought to myself

“Why are you here anyway?” I ask him “orders,” he says again “why do you ask?” He asks this time but I didn’t respond

“Not saying anything huh,” he said a little disappointed in my respond “well I better go back so see ya,” he says, but before he flies off I grab his hand and say “give me back my Doujin first,” I say in a more serious tone

“How about no,” he said. My grip on his hand gets stronger but he didn’t show that it hurt his wrist

“I say give me back my doujin,” I say getting angry “no,” he said again

“Give it back”


“Give it”


“Give it”


“That's it!”
I yell and attack him

We fought and fought and fought and fought and none of us stops

We just keep fighting and fighting

It’s our first battle after a hundred years

that's how our battle begins

Virgo P.O.V

Finally my teleportation spell works!

I finally caught up to them

And I just can't believe my eyes

Gemini is fighting with the guy that the angel was chasing

This is the first time I ever, like I said ‘EVER’ see Gemini fight. Like he uses to sleep, sleep and sleep he is a lazy ass and I don't regret saying that he is one

They both fought strong but this must come to an end

“STOP BOTH OF YOU” I scream and it looks like I got their attention

I fly up to them and start saying “what do you two think you’re doing someone can get hurt!” And then just continue talking

Aries P.O.V

Bla Bla Bla

She’s just talking nonsenses and why do I need to hear her talk? ‘Urgh!!’ I thought to myself in annoyance

“Hey! Are you even listening to me?!” She yells at me

‘What the fuck did I even do?’ I say to myself. Boiii this is boring when can I just go back to ‘Hell’ ugh

She keeps talking

And talking

And talking

“Who are you anyway?” She asks me, finally, she says something else “I’m Aries,” I said in a smug tone “you’re not from around here are you?” she asked me, I rolled my eyes “well duh, why would you think I came from heaven hm? I’m a demon” I say

“That's why you look weird...” she says” I guess so,” I say back

Why do I feel like there should be someone with us?

“Hey, do you feel like someone that is just here is not here right now?” I ask her “yeah wait a minute,” she says and the both of us realise “WHERE IS GEMINI?!” We both say at the same time

And when we look down we saw someone falling


3rd person P.O.V

“GEMINI!!” Aries and Virgo both yell and started to fly down a fast as they could

When they made it down to Gemini they were not in heaven anymore and they are not it hell they were in the middle of both heaven and hell they were at the ‘River of sins’

They both saw Gemini in the river and fly to him as fast as they could

“Gemini idiot wake the fuck up!!” Aries yelled at him

“What?” Gemini respond

“Uh...Gemini” Virgo started “where is your hollow?” She asks

Gemini tries to grab his hollow that was supposed to be on top of his head but there is nothing “shit” Gemini curse

They look around for Gemini hollow only to find it broken in pisses in the River of sin

“Really why me”


Chapter 2 done yay!

Ok i know its stupid like duh

But who cares

Oh well see ya guys in the next chapter

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