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chapter 3

Gemini P.O.V

“Why me?” I said again ’why do I need to lost my hollow now?′ I thought to myself but still why me of all the Angel in heaven?!

“Well this is bad,” Aries said “oh really? You think?!” I said to him “okay, okay just saying you don’t need to get mad about it jeez” Aries sigh “you know you change so much seen’s the last time I saw you” Aries starts to say ” you’re not like my ‘best friend’ Gemini and you are not like my ‘rival’ Gemini, you change so much that I can’t even tell before if you are you” Aries laugh a little after saying that

You change to you know

I chuckle to myself after thinking that

But it’s true because when we were still best friend he was much more childish then he is now

“Hey, can I ask you both something” this time Virgo is the one talking “ask away,” I said to her “how do you guys know each other?” She asks

“Well we-” I was about to answer her but I was cut off by Aries “we use to be best friends when we were kids” Aries answer

“Oh yeah, what’s you’re name anyway Angel?” Aries asks Virgo “oh right I forget to tell you my name huh well my name is Virgo nice to meet you” Virgo answer

“So what are we gonna do about your hollow Gemini?” Virgo asks” how the fuck should I know?!” I said and Aries hit my head, hard “what the fuck was that for?!” I scream to him

“How can you be an Angel when you always curse huh?” He said to me I glare at him “well you curse to so fuck off” I said and glared daggers at him “ok now don’t you dare give me that look I’m a Demon so it’s different if I curse you but you’re an Angel you’re supposed to be pure” he rolled his eyes at me

“It’s the same thing,” I said to him ” never mind you won’t listen to me anyway” Aries sigh

“One-san!” I heard a voice say that from behind us I turn around to see a cute little Angel looking at us


Libra P.O.V

I was looking at Gemini and One-san and someone else

‘Who is that’ i ask myself

Does he have; black-red wings and horns?


He is not an Angel his power level is more like a Demon?!

Wait, a Demon?! what’s a Demon doing here?! And with Gemini and One-san?!

Is that why they’re in the river of sins? Did that Demon make them go there? Is One-san hurt? I better check on her

“One-san!” I glitch my way to my One-san to see if she is ok

“One-san are you hurt?!”

“Are you ok One-san?!”

“Why are you here One-san?”

“Did something bad happened?!”

I ask a lot of question to my One-san

“Hey, kid we’re still here you know,” a low and deep voice said from behind me. I turn around just to be met by two black-red orbs it was beautiful like a red rose yet dangerous at the same time “One-san!” I glitch my way to her “scary” I said to her “who is scary Sanny?” I point my finger at the Demon and slowly said “him”

The Demon looks around and then point a finger at himself “me?” He asks and starts to say “ok I know I like to torture and kill a lot of people and cut their finger off but that's my job and I can still be nice sometimes you know,” the Demon said a smirk came to his face

That’s even more scary

“That’s not helping you know that right!” I heard Gemini voice say I take a little peek and see that Gemini is in the river of sins and I notice something where’s his hollow? And then I look at the Demon again


I thought over and over again

3rd person P.O.V

Libra finally got out of her hiding place and glitch her way to Libra so she doesn’t have to fly pass Aries “Gemini where is your hollow?” Libra asks cutely “over there” Gemini points his finger to his broken hollow

“How did that happened?” Libra asks again “he fell when Virgo starts talking nonsenses to us when we were fighting,” Aries said chatting Libra off guard

“How do guys know each other anyway?” Libra asks not looking at Aries because she doesn’t want to look Aries in the eyes “me and Gemini are childhood friends well we use to be” Aries said “Libra I once told you that I have a childhood friend that is a Demon but after I say the ‘Demon’ part you ran away” Gemini said and laugh as Libra pout “I don’t like Demon back then” Libra argue

“Oh yeah,” Libra said and then look at the other “Oh yeah One-san Gemini and um... what’s your name mister?” Libra asks Aries “my name is Aries,” Aries said looking at the little Angel “oh ok anyway I found something on my way here,” Libra said as then she when to look for something in her back

When she finds what she was looking for she took it out and the other’s eyes widen

A gun! It’s a fucking gun!!


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