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chapter 4

Virgo P.O.V

How did she get a gun?!

Where did she get that gun?!

Why did she keep that gun with her?!

“L-libra where did you find that thing?” I asked her softly

“I don’t know I just found it lying around so I grab it,” she said

‘How can she be so innocent and dangerous at the same time?’ I thought

“Virgo” Aries said to me in a whisper “what is it?” I ask him not giving him a gaze “I think that’s my students gun” Aries whisper to me

“What?!” I yell in a whisper at him “why would you bring a gun here?” I ask him “just in case we need to kill someone,” he said in a calm tone “how can you be so calm right now?!” I almost said that out loud

“I have my way,” he said “now can you please tell her to give it back to me,” he said and give me a dark gaze “i-I'll try” I reply to him

“One-san what does this do?” Libra asks again and put her hand on the trigger


Before I could do anything she pulls the trigger and the bullet

Hit Gemini

On the chest

Oh why’

Gemini P.O.V

God, why me?!?!

“Aahh!!” Libra screams in terror

And then she ran up to me “Gemini are you ok?! What just happened?! Hold on let me heal you!” Libra said and took out her wand and healing position

Libra start healing to heal my wound but ugh it still hurt

When I look at Virgo she was looking at me in terror but when I look at Aries

He smirks

He fucking smirk

“What are you smirking at dickhead?!” I yell at him “oh just smirking at how vulnerable you are” he said, “it just reminds me of the old days when I use to try and kill you remember that Gemini?” He asks me

“Yeah I still remember it just like it was yesterday” i reply “what is wrong with you?!” Virgo yell at him “did you not hear me when I say I like to kill for fun?” He said like it was nothing

After hearing this Virgo got closer to me “why do you have a friend like him?” I sigh after saying that “who knows really he can be kind if you don’t piss him off and trust me you do not want to piss him off” I said

“Oh yeah Gemini look at your wings,” Aries said to me “what do you mean-” I stop talking after I saw my wings they are black

“What happened to my wings” I almost scream for some reason this scared me ‘what’s happening to me?’

When I look at Aries for answers, I saw his wings and see that my wings are similar to his

My wings that use to be a white-silver colour are now black-silver colour

“What’s going on?!”

“What’s happening to me?!”

I yelled as loud as i can

And then got the answer

“Gemini you are a fallen angel”


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