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chapter 5

Gemini P.O.V

“You’re a fallen angel”



My world just falls apart after what Aries said

“What do you mean by ‘fallen angel’ what is that anyway?!” I said I know what a fallen angel is but I just don’t want it to be true that I’m actually one of them

“A fallen angel is an angel that has many sins and makes them more like a demon than an angel not many angels are fallen only a small percentage of them does and it looks like you are one of them, Gemini” Aries sigh after saying that “how can you not know what a fallen angel is I learn this because I was always with the king only me and some demon know what a fallen angel is” he breathes out all that

“I know what a fallen angel is I just don’t want it to be true,” I said in a sad tone of voice “well you did start cursing at me,” Aries said “your king won’t be happy about this” he sighs and then there was silence

The only sound that can be heard was the wind around us “so what are you gonna do now Gemini” Aries said breaking the silence ” you know a fallen angel is not allowed to step in heaven so what will you do now?” He asks, his face doesn’t show any emotions

“I-i don’t k-know,” I said in a sad tone yet again “I can’t go to heaven because I have too many sins right?” I ask him and yet I already know the answer “yes that is true but you can go somewhere else you know” he said and smirk

Wait! A smirk?! This can’t be good!

“You can go to hell” he finally said my eyes widen after he said that I turn around facing him in shock

Go to hell?! I can’t do that!!

What will the king think of me?!?!

“But are you sure you want to go there first?” Aries asks with a smile “because if you go to hell you will get bullied by a lot, and I mean a lot of demons and maybe I can’t help you at all and trust me you will need help in hell that place is brutal” Aries said

Why do you fucking hate me!!

God, why me!!??

(A/N: who knows Gemini who knows)

3rd person P.O.V

“Nuh Gemini can’t go to hell!” Libra yelled at Aries but Aries didn’t give a care to the world of what Libra just said then Aries hold’s Libra shoulder making her flinch and said: “now listen here little one he doesn’t have a choice he fell into the river of sins and now he is more of a demon than an angel, oh and by the way Gemini how did you fall anyway?” Aries asks “oh about that when you and Virgo was fighting I got bored because you leave me out so then I for some reason fell asleep when I was flying haha” after hearing this Aries look at Gemini for a good ten second before kicking him on the side

“Agh what was that for?” Gemini yell a little mad at his use to be best friend “that’s for falling to the river of sins because of sleeping” Aries give Gemini an eye roll “you are still a lazy ass aren’t you” Aries said “so what I don’t want to work I’m too lazy to do it and beside it’s boring” Gemini said

“So what are you gonna do now that you are a fallen angel?” Virgo suddenly ask “look’s like i got no choice” Gemini sigh

“Look’s like i’m going to hell”


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