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chapter 6

3rd person P.O.V

“Looks like I’m going to hell” Gemini looked down after saying that. Gemini doesn’t want to believe that he needs to go to hell but luck wasn’t on his side right about now

“Well if you say so let’s go,” Aries said all of a sudden “go where?” Gemini asks even though he already knows the answer “we’re going to hell you said so yourself are you really that stupid to forget what you said 30 seconds ago or are you dozing off when you said that” Aries said in a ‘are you an idiot’ tone to Gemini

Gemini just shakes his head for a no and look up to see his childhood friend gaze and start to say “I know what I said I just don’t want to belive it was true” Gemini said and sigh “is there nowhere else for me to go then hell” Gemini ask and look at everyone before looking down again

What will become of me if I go to hell’ Gemini thought in the middle of despair someone finally talks “there is another place you can go” these words make Gemini look up with hope in his eyes he makes eye contact with Aries with full of hope “where? Where else can I go instead of hell!” Gemini yell a little

“Earth” was all Aries said “you can go to earth that is the only other place you can go to,” Aries said looking at Gemini “so are you going to go there?” He asks

“YES” was Gemini only answer for the question “and also angel never go to earth without order the only demon and the lowest of their kind go there so you’ll fit right in since you're not a demon or an angel,” Aries said again

“You can hide there as long as you want I don’t care in what you do anymore,” Aries said in a ‘why do I care’

“How do you know all about this fallen angel and where Gemini should hide thing” Libra ask

Aries P.O.V

“How do you know all about this fallen angel and where Gemini should hide thing” Libra ask

Finally, someone else is talking, I thought I turn around to face her just to see she is finally coming out of her hiding place she is so cute with her little back-pack on a some of her hair is forming a heart shape on top of her head

I was staring at her until she hides behind Virgo yet again ‘is she still scared’ i thought in my head and finally started to say “well little one let’s just said I know a lot of things I can not say” I said to her that make her nod her head “and why is that?” Virgo suddenly ask this time I try to her shut her up and put a finger on my lips “that’s for me to know and you angels to find out” I said with a little smile

“So you are going to earth huh,” I said looking back at Gemini “yeah” is the only thing he said

Wait! That means I can’t kick him, punch him or hit him anymore!! Wah, no fun!

(A/N: I feel you, Aries 😧)

But oh well he can’t stay here so he needs to go somewhere else I can’t believe I’m saying this but well I’m gonna miss that idiot

Gemini P.O.V

I can’t believe it there is another place I can go other than hell “so are you ready to go to earth Gemini?” Aries asks me I turn and face him “maybe but I wanna go get some of my things first before I go,” I said to him “and how are you going to do that remember you can’t go to heaven well you can but if an angel saw you, you are so dead,” Aries said

“Well you can grab them for me,” I said

“Yeah no”



“Pretty please”



“God damn it no Gemini” Aries yelled at me

“Oh come on all you need to do is grab some stuff for my place and go back is that so hard?” I said and smirk a little knowing it my word got to him “oh and give me back my DOUJIN WILL YOU” I yelled at him this time

“First of all no I will not give you back your Doujin and second i can’t go back to heaven because all the angel are looking for me after what I have done,” he said his eyes widen after saying the last bit “shit” he mumbles

Wait what did he do?!

“Aries what did you do,” I ask him “let me said it again what the fuck did you fucking do!” I yelled at him

“It’s nothing” he replies

“Ok, don’t you dare say that bullshit to me I know you better than anyone heck I know you better than your own father now tell me what you did!” I yelled at him again “he stole something for our king he stole something from your father Gemini” Virgo said all of a sudden “he also leave a note” Virgo said and took out a note from her pocket

Aries eyes widen “h-how d-did you g-get that?” He stutters Virgo look at him and smirk “the king gave this to me to throw away but I thought it would be a good idea to keep it” Virgo said “let’s read it together if you don’t mind” she said and start to open the note

Aries just nod and let Virgo read the note



Hello, your grace, I’m sorry I have to y’know stole something from you even though you use to be like an uncle to me I’m really sorry to take something from you but I have to

How about this let’s make a deal if one of your angels catch me. Tell them to bring me to you even if catch me you’ll have to beat me at a game first if you win you get what you want if I win I get to go back to hell doesn’t that sound fun your grace

But you need to catch me before I go to hell but if I’m already in hell then I won well I don’t want to make this note longer so I’ll just gonna end it here

Good luck you are going to need it~




After Virgo is done reading the note I turn to Aries and slam hin down to the ground and said: “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU FUCKING STOLE!!” I yelled in his ear

He just smirks



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