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chapter 7

Gemini P.O.V

“WHAT THE HELL DID YOU STOLE ARIES?!” I yell at Aries. I can’t believe he has stolen something from the king or as I say it my ‘Father’, my father was like an uncle for him and he just comes to the palace stole something for him and stole my fucking ‘DOUJIN!!’ to like come on why.

“I’ll ask you again what did you stole?” I said again in a calmer tone than before, he just smiles well it’s a smirk really. Aries was walking closer to me, when he is in front of me he stops, his smile never leaving his face. “I didn’t steal anything,” he said still smiling like a maniac

‘he is a maniac, to be honest’ i thought

“oh, shut it! I know you for a long time I know when you are lying and not” I took a second before saying the last part “and this time you are lying” I finally said. he just looks at with the same smile on his face, this is getting annoying

Aries P.O.V

I just smile after Gemini said that I lie

Gemini is like an older brother to me he was always there for me when I was young he tells me a story about the past about who he really was. only the royal family know this secret or should I say the kings and me knows who really is

“you know me so well you know,” I said at him still smiling like a maniac

oh, and if you don’t know why I’m calling myself a maniac that’s because I am and I don’t regret it

“of course I know you well we grow up together remember,” Gemini said, ‘didn’t change at all’ I thought “so are you ready to speak,” he asks I sigh

‘looks like I’m gonna tell him’

“fine” I sigh out “I stole a book now is that a really big deal?” I said to him

“that’s not any book though,” someone said from behind us I look around and saw Virgo standing behind us

‘she just has to come in huh?’ I tsk

“what do you mean Virgo?” Gemini asks

‘and now he is gonna know fuck!’ I thought

“Gemini he stole the book of outcast” Virgo said. ugh why does she have to say that

the book of outcast is a legendary book in that book is the secret of the war that happened 500 years ago, angels and demon were fighting each other and was also fighting the now-forgotten clan the outsider

Gemini turn around looking at me in the eyes and the said “why did you steal that book?” he asks I didn’t answer and that just made him mad “WHY DID YOU STOLE THAT BOOK?!” he shouts in anger well who won’t be when something from them got stolen

“orders” I simply said “my father gave me an order to stole the book,” I said

“give it back”

Gemini P.O.V

“give it back,” I said to him

I can’t believe he did that he knows what that book is to me and yet he still stole it from my father for me

“Sorry I can’t do that old friend,” Aries said to me

Aries, he was like a little brother to me I took care of him when he was young but then I never saw him again and know when I see him again he just has to steal something from me

“why?" I said to him

he sighs” I told you this was an order,” he said

“bullshit! you know what that book means for me” I yell at him

he looks into my eyes, his eyes are cold the gaze he is giving me show nothing but darkness. I hate those eyes

“well then if you don’t mind I’m gonna go now,” Aries said and started to fly off but I trow a glowing magic ball at him to stop his move

but he dodges away fast enough and got back down to the river of sins

I got up and walk to him to attack but then I heard someone calling his name


Aries P.O.V

I went back down to the river of sins after Gemini trow a glowing light magic ball at me I move away just in time before it hit me

‘He really wanna kill me now huh’ I thought

Gemini started to walk up to me I knew he was going to attack so I got myself ready he was going to attack but stop when a voice said my name


I look up to see one of my student flying over to me

“where have you been?” I ask him

“you don’t need to know that sir,” my student said

I was gonna say something else when Libra cut me off by saying

“T-Taurus?” she said

my student Taurus then turn around then look at libra

“L-libra?” he said

‘how do they know each other’ i thought



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