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chapter 8

3rd person P.O.V

“How do you two know each other?” Aries ask Libra and Taurus, both of them didn’t listen to him a keep staring at each other

Aries look at both of them and sigh the hold Taurus shoulder, Taurus look at him and so does sunny “i ask you a question please answer when i ask you one zuko” Aries said

“I-i’m sorry Aries sir i’m just surprise to see Libra right now” Taurus reply and Aries look at both him and sunny before asking again “so how do you two know each other?” Aries ask yet again

This time sunny answer “we go to the same school” she said

“Oh, so that’s why you know each other” Aries said. Taurus look at him and nod “yes that is why sir” Taurus said

“Mmh Taurus how do you know that demon?” Libra ask Taurus “oh Aries here is my teacher” Taurus smile and started to say again “he is the one that takes care of me to he pay for school give me a home to stay give me food and water so i don’t starve to death,” Taurus said

“He really help me out,” Taurus said and then look at Aries whispering a ‘thank you’ Aries smile at him

Libra P.O.V

“He really did all of that?” I ask Taurus when he turn his attention to me “yes he did” Taurus smile

“Mister Aries why would you do that?” Ask mister Aries

He look at me and gave me a small smile “well little one i feel bad for Taurus so i help him on a lot of thing even teach him how to fight for himself” Mister Aries said

I hear a chuckle from behind me to see Gemini and my one-san. Gemini took a step forward to be right in front of mister Aries “that’s funny coming from someone like you Aries” Gemini said

“The prince of hell helping someone in need now that i can’t believe i know you better then anyone and you decide to help someone that’s just unbelieveble” Gemini said kinda rudely

“Believe what you want brother but the truth is that i help him if you don’t believe me so be it do you think i care for what you say” mister Aries said

“Can you stop calling me your brother we may act like we are brother when we were young but now it doesn’t fit us at all” Gemini sigh

“Wait you to are brother?” I ask both of them they look at me and then back at each other

“No” Gemini said “yes” Aries said now i’m confused “which one of you is right?” I ask another question “ok Gemini is right we’re not brother” mister Aries said “but when we were kids we like to act like we are brother funny huh” mister Psyche laugh

“Yeah but we got over that it’s been years seens we called each other that so we don’t need to say that” Gemini said and look away from Aries

“And Aries you’re the prince of hell?” One-san ask ‘oh yeah i was about to ask that’

“Yes, yes i am, why? You surprise?” Mister Aries said with a smirk on his face “to be honest yes i am why would your father send you and not one of his soldier” One-san said

Gemini P.O.V

“Virgo has a good point there Aries why you from all the demon in hell” i said

Virgo got a point why would the demon king send his own son to do some dirty work instead of some other demon

“I’m not going to tell my father has a reason that even i do not understand” Aries said with a blank face

He was always like that when we were together as kids he always said that his father has some reason to do what he does that even he can’t understand but to be honest i have a feeling that he knows and the angel king is also like the demon king always have a reason to do something and yet i can not understand, now that makes me wonder what are they hiding from us

“Well it was nice talking to you all but me and Taurus have to go it was nice seeing you again Gemini” after Aries said that he whispers something only i can heer “see you soon brother"

With that, he was gone with Taurus

What are you planing brother

_________________________________________yay i finally update after so long i’m soo sorry that i can’t update often i got an archery competition coming up so i was busy i hope you all understand ______________________________________________plss vote and comment bye

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