A HeartWarming Tale “When Time Periods Clash”

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Blue and the others were not far from present time, 2 time periods are about to join together and a possible fatal end in this last chapter of A HeartWarming Tale.

Action / Adventure
Aaron Parson
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Chapter 5 When Time Periods Clash FINALE


Blue and the others spent hours searching for Storm, but found not a single clue. Blue was beginning to think, “Can I save the world?” The thought ran through his head constantly.

“Blue, are you doing okay?” Thunder sat in front of him. Blue stared at the ground, wondering what he would do. “Blue, can you hear me?” Thunder asked. Blue looked up at him. “Yes, I’m fine. Just getting myself together that’s all.” Blue sat up and beckoned the group to come and listen to him. “We don’t have enough time to go farther I’m afraid.” Blue started. Thunder stepped in, “What Why? We can still prevent the planet from hitting our world!” He protested.

“I know what’s right. Nebula told me.” Blue informed. Thunder remained silent with pure anger shown on his expression. “Blue, quit arguing and return to your timeline to try your best to save it.” Nebula ordered. “Yeah, I will.”


Blue and the others emerged from a portal into their timeline,but something wasn’t right. The sky was almost completely black with orange lava-like cracks all around. “The planet, it’s getting too close for comfort!” Jasper yowled. “We’ve should’ve been here hours ago.” Norma chimed in. “We’ll figure it out.” Blue stated hopefully. “I hope so.” Thunder said. All of a sudden a purple glowing mist appeared a few feet in front of the group. “What’s that?” Jasper asked. “I don’t know..” Blue replied as he stared on. A hole showed up a few seconds later and a black moving figure padded out. “You again..” Blue growled. “Storm!” Thunder yowled in anger. Storm grinned. “Looks like you’re too late to save your home.” He stated. “Well guess what, I don’t give up that easily.” Blue said. “I’m here to take care of you useless souls hm, except for Blue.” Storm notified. “Huh? What do you mean we’re trying to save the world do you not understand?” Norma asked. “Yeah, you’re being pathetic Storm, and seeking attention!” Jasper growled. Storm moved his glowing purple eyes over to Jasper. “Huh, you’ll do for the first victim.” He grinned.

Storm’s body blinked out of existence, leaving a black dust cloud. “What?” Blue said aloud. Another black dust cloud formed and Storm flew out of it. His body slammed into Jasper and Storm had him pinned on the ground. Jasper’s eyes lit up with anger. “Don’t hurt my friends.” He croaked. Storm raised a paw and instantly sliced it over Jasper’s neck. He lied still. “No! You killed him!” Blue yowled with anger and a pang of sadness. Blue had a flashback of Jasper helping him after the fox attack. “Don’t worry! I’m here to help!” Blue could hear his voice echo away. “You’ll pay for that Storm!” Blue rushed towards Storm with his eyes turning to green fire. Norma and Thunder watched in suspense. Blue bit into Storm’s shoulder until he teleported a few feet away. Blue bounded for him again but fired a few plasma shots towards Storm. They impacted him greatly and Storm growled with pain.

“You can’t defeat me, Blue!” Storm yowled. Blue shot back into a flashback in the showdown with Shadow. He remembered circling around Shadow as a distraction to hit him. He flashed back to reality again. Blue gathered his plasma and began to use it to run faster. He bounded around Storm with plasma trailing from his feet. Storm whipped around multiple times in confusion. Blue stopped circling and bounded straight for Storm and shot a bright green beam heading towards Storm. The beam burned Storm badly and he finally collapsed. Storm’s fur was missing on some parts of his body from the damage of the beam. Blue padded towards the planet in the sky. “I’m done with this!” Blue’s eyes lit up so bright that Thunder and Norma winced at the sight.

Blue shot multiple plasma balls at the planet but they were seeming to do nothing at all. Blue groaned and yowled as he picked up his power. “You..will not destroy my home!” He yowled in pure anger. The same green beam from the battle appeared from his eyes and shot up at the dark planet. He went on and on using all his power. “Blue, slow down!” Nebula yelled. Blue wasn’t listening and kept using even more of his power. Norma and Thunder were shaking frantically.

The beam died down and eventually disappeared. Storm groaned in pain while Blue turned around. “I couldn’t-“ Blue collapsed on the ground. Thunder raced towards Blue, with Norma trailing behind him. Thunder looked at Blue. His eyes were black all around from the beam. “Blue, are you okay!?” Thunder nudged his body. There was no response. “I’ll take it from here..” Storm growled. Thunder and Norma whipped around frantically. Storm grinned and his body formed into dust. The dust moved closer as it passed Thunder and Norma and rested on Blue’s body.

Blue’s body began to rustle. Blue stood up and groaned. “Blue! You’re okay!” Norma stared in relief. Blue stared back at them. His eyes glowed purple. He turned around and bounded onto the unknown. What?! Come back!” Thunder yowled. The planet above slowly moved away from the earth and disappeared.


Tony and Kara followed the class outside the room quietly, as they were evacuating to the nearest exit. The teacher and principal were in front looking around for the creature in the building. All of a sudden, Tony heard a sound from the other hallway. He was curious, so he followed the sound. Kara looked back and Tony. “What are you doing?!” She whispered hoarsely. “I’m checking this out.” Tony replied while he steadily walking towards the sound. “Okay, well I’m coming with you..” She whispered.

Tony and Kara broke away from the class and followed the strange sound. Tony peered over the hallway wall and spotted a brown and white figure. “This can’t be...” Tony whispered. Kara was right behind him. “What is it?” She whispered to him. Tony ran out from hiding behind the wall. “Blue! It’s you! You’re finally back! I missed you!” Tony yelled in happiness. Blue growled and turned around, looking up at Tony. He noticed Blue was different, his eyes were glowing purple.

“Blue? Are you okay?” Tony asked. “Is that your dog?” Kara asked. “Yes, he’s been missing for a month.” He replied. Blue growled angrily and launched towards Tony. He dodged Blue confusingly. “Blue what has gotten into you?!” Tony was shocked. Blue snarled and bit into his leg. “Agh, stop it Blue please!” Tony yelled. Kara freaked out and ran over to a casing with a fire extinguisher inside. She kicked the lock twice until it finally broke off. Kara grabbed the fire extinguisher and bounded over to Tony and Blue. “Take this!” She yelled and began to spray a giant cloud of smoke at Blue. Tony and Kara coughed as the smoke faded away. Tony looked at Kara, then searched for Blue. Tony then spotted Blue as he jumped out of another window. Tony ran towards the window. “No! Blue! Where are you going, Come back!” Tony yelled in pain. Kara walked up to Tony and rested her hand on his shoulder.

I don’t know where to start. Blue’s strange behavior wasn’t himself. I know that for a fact. Me and Kara reported a false alarm to the staff of the school telling them it was a stray dog. I didn’t want to give information about his powers to any authorities. I’m going to find Blue and get that monster out of his body, and bring him back.



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