The Gangster's Secret Identity.

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When the leader of a gang is trying everything in their power to keep their identity safe to protect their family and their future.

Action / Romance
Doodle Wood
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Chapter 1- Brycey

“God Dammit... Who the hell do you think you are telling me. ME! what to do.”

“I am the rightful leader; Queen of hearts was left to me and someone whom managed to steal from my family has no right to the ownership of this gang!′ Shouted the silhouette created by the shadows.

" Tsk tsk tsk... is that anyway to address the person responsible for the demise of your beloved parents; Bryce Williams.”

“How do you know my name, oh mighty masked one?” Inquired Bryce, his voice laced with sarcasm.

She gritted her teeth together and turned the vocal mask off. She took a deep breath ” I tend to study my prey just like a lioness, watching your families every move until it’s the best time to strike.′ she drowsily acknowledged his witty remark.

Bryce looked on at the masked figure with disbelief, not quite sure on how to process this turn of events. A WOMAN murdered his mother and father, then carried the weight of ruling a small time gang; building it up, grabbing power and influence, striking fear into the hearts of other leaders... male leaders and non of them had any clue that the ruler of gangs was a woman.

She stood up from her seat behind the royal oak desk and glared at Bryce. ” Awww, Brycey scared of a little women like myself... well you should be, I’m a bigger man than you’ll ever be.” she taunted, removing her mask from her face. He looked away knowing exactly what that meant.

She walked over to Bryce, harshly grabbing his face in her small; soft hands, forcing him to look at her. “Just because you look away from me Bryce, doesn’t mean the inevitable won’t happen!” she spat with venom evident in her tone.

Bryce sat up and glared at the she-devil before him, wondering why he had decided to come here without knowing all the facts, underestimating this well known, all powerful gang leader. No one knows of her true identity, her gender, name, birth place or family and she quite likes to keep it that way. However every single member of every gang and mafia in the world knew that if you personally interrupt the Queen of Hearts leader she will reveal her identity to you then remove you head from your neck, placing it in a well known area with the stamp of the gang branded onto her victims forehead.

As she leaned forward Bryce’s eyes flashed with recognition, he whispered out her name, “Maci Shaw” only for it to be carried away into the atmosphere along with his sudden feeling of despair. He remembered his fathers files, his plot and success in ruining her father and ordering her mother to be executed, resulting to the torture and untimely demise of her father.

Suddenly she spoke up ” Now Brycey we both know how this is gonna end but my dear brother wants to have some fun with you before I remove your brainless head from your worthless body!” “James get your arse in here before I change my mind!” she shouts out into to the dark abyss of what Bryce assumes is her office. Once this thought passes through his head, the door is violently pushed open and a male the same height of roughly 5”7′, with striking similarities to Maci barges into the room.

James looked at her and gave her a wicked smirk, “Baby sis do you always have to be so impatient I was literally on the other side of the door this whole time”

She rolled her eyes and looked to him with annoyance covering her features ” You are literally 1 minuet older than me you imbecile, lets not forget how impatient I can be brother because your window of opportunity is running out.” James looked over to his sister and huffed.

“Fine but you are no fun sorella” (sister) James sighed out, walking over to his target, lacing his hands through Bryce’s hair; dragging him up and out of the room. Bryce gulped, stumbling behind James, holding back the grunts of pain every time he took a step forward.

Once they were inside the intended room, James forced Bryce into the metal seat, shackling him in place with no hope of escape. James turns away from Bryce and walks to the wall, grabbing a Knife. He walks slowly towards Bryce with a menacing smile painted on his face. Bryce tries to shuffle away from him but remembers he was bound to the chair, each step James takes makes Bryce slowly freeze up in fear. Bryce looks towards James when a deep rumble of laughter filled the room. As James lent down towards Bryce’s ear he stabbed him in his thigh, waiting for his victims screams to stop he whispered ” Although your not responsible for my parent’s death, you are the last member of that famiglia bastardi (bastard’s family) and have his sangue (blood) running through your veins.” As James pulled back he twisted the knife and pulled it out, cackling at the screams of agony let out into the surroundings.

A second set of cries where released when James finally lost his temper and started punching Bryce in the face, grabbing his next torture weapon and began whipping him with no mercy. All though James wanted to torture him to death, Maci opened the door and interrupted her dear brother. As she set her eyes on her brothers murderous gaze she smiled at him, looked him straight in the eye and declared “ L’onore è tutto tuo fratello, il tuo sa cosa fare. Assicurati di pulire questo pasticcio in seguito e posiziona la testa da qualche parte che verrà visto. Stasera ho un evento a cui partecipare con la mia amata.” (Honour is all yours brother, you know what to do. Make sure to clean this mess afterwards and place the head somewhere that will be seen. Tonight I have an event to attend with my beloved). Once she had finished James’ smile grew. "Grazie cara sorella.” (Thank you dear sister). and with that Maci smiled; turned on her heels and left so she could prepare for the evening events.


A/N - In no way do I speak Italian, all from google translate. Enjoy reading and always accept constructive criticism.

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