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Rene's p.o.v

"No matter what" Oliver followed on after me. Dinah was a crucial part to our team. We needed her.

"Please I need you to cover for me. Don't tell Felicity and John. Not even Thea or Quentin" Dinah begged. She clearly didn't need more people worrying about her.

"Whatever you say hoss" I replied. I placed a box of donuts on her counter as we walked by. She was obviously hungry as her eyes widened and she stumbled towards the box. "DONUTS!!" She exclaimed. Oliver's face lit up when he saw Dinah happy. He cared for her a lot. So did I.

"Thanks wild dog" Oliver said. He smiled at me with gratitude. The first smile he had given me in a long while.

We sat at her table and ate the sugary confections. After about ten minutes we all got up and helped Dinah wash the dishes. She went into her bedroom and got ready. She wore a black, baggy top with dark jeggings. She looked beautiful, even after the eventful morning she had had.

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