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Dinah's p.o.v

One year later

I awoke to a screaming baby. Getting up to calm her I realised she wasn't in her crib. Someone had taken her. I reached for a small knife on the counter top. Turning the corner I placed the knife up against someone's throat. I looked at who it was.

"Vinnie?" I whispered. He was dead. Or so I thought. Tears welled up in my eyes. I dropped the knife and grabbed my baby. I backed away as he came closer to me.

"That baby. Is she.....mine?" Vinnie asked. She was his but I was never going to tell him that. To my relief, Oliver walked in. He went to punch at Vinnie. "Oliver wait. He's ok. This is Vincent, my old partner" I explained.

Oliver looked to me then to Vincent. He was so confused. "Can we talk? D" Vinnie said. I followed him into my room. On the way I passed my precious, sleeping baby over to Oliver.

"You need to leave" I stated
"She's my child isn't she" he questioned. He knew, I didn't want him anywhere near my daughter.
"No, umm no. She's not Vinnie. She never will be" I shot back.
"What's her name?" He said softly.
"Amiya.... Amiya Drake" I answered. Stepping back, I left the room and opened the front door. Vincent clearly got the message. He left.

"I need to get to the bunker" I said to Oliver. "Can you stay and look after her?"
"I have to go too" he said, guilt in his voice. I took Amiya from Oliver and placed her in her car seat. "I guess you have to take her to the bunker then" he stated, forgetting that I hadn't told anyone about Amiya except him and Rene. I couldn't. It would be too much of a shock.
"I can't remember. I haven't told the rest of the team. I'm going to take her to my mom's" I snapped. Maybe a little to hard. "Sorry, I'm still a little shaken up from seeing Vincent". He understood. He helped me get Amiya's car seat into my car. I drove to the bunker with my baby. I think it's time they knew. The truth that is. Not the lie I have been telling them.
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