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Felicity's p.o.v

The elevator door opened and to my surprise Dinah walked through it. She hadn't come in for a long time. "Dinah!! Oh my gosh it's so good to see you" I said, clearly in shock. Not in a bad way though, in a good way. She was holding something. It was seat.

"Hey Felicity. We need to talk. Where's Dig and Curtis?" Dinah said. Just as she said their names, Dig and Curtis came round the corner.

"Dinah!!" Curtis exclaimed running up to her and engulfing her into a huge hug. He was really happy to see her, and was oblivious to the car seat holding a baby in it.

"I need to talk to you all. So umm....this is Amiya. My daughter." She said, hesitant to do so.

"D!! She's beautiful. Ohh so this is why you haven't been on any of the team missions in almost a year." Dig understood. He was so shocked he forgot he had a sword in his hand and walked up to the sleeping child. Dinah backed away. Dig looked confused as to why she did, realising the weapon he handed it to me who handed it to Curtis. "Yeah. Are you guys ok that I didn't tell you?" She asked. Of course we were. It's great now we have a team arrow baby.

Dinah set the baby seat onto a close by table. I crept up to the peaceful baby. Glancing at Dinah, she nodded. I undid the straps and picked Amiya up. She nuzzled into my chest and settled down. She was so peaceful.

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