Mint canary

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Oliver's p.o.v

Five years later

I awoke to thirty missed calls from Dinah. I was late....I WAS LATE!!!!! Damnit. I forgot that I was training Amiya this morning. *Calls Dinah*
"Hey D I'm so sorry I overslept. I will be in the bunker in five." I said extremely apologetically.
"Get here fast. I need to get home and I don't really trust Curtis with my baby girl" she replied half growling.

I rushed out of bed not bothering to eat breakfast, I got dressed and left my house. I drove to the bunker and hurried to Amiya. She hugged me and I picked her up. She rested her head on my shoulder and closed her glistening eyes. Dinah thanked me and left abruptly. She didn't look so good. Like she was going to be sick. I texted her, no answer. I called her, no answer. Amiya had fallen asleep in my arms so I rested with her. She was so peaceful, so calm. I loved her like a daughter. She loved me like a father.
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