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Rene's p.o.v

I was in the bunker sparring with Dig when my phone rang. It was Dinah. I answered.


R- hey d what's up

D- I need you to come over to mine. Don't tell anyone, don't take Amiya I just need you. You and Felicity actually. Bring Feli-

R- Dinah what's going on. You are scaring me, tell me

D- just come to mine with Felicity. Bye

End of call

I hurried over to Felicity and motioned for her to come with me. We drove to Dinah's apartment as fast as we could. Dinah opened the door. She didn't look good. We helped her to the couch and questioned her. She didn't answer a single question, instead she passed out. "Dinah!! Come on stay awake. We need to understand what is going on." I exclaimed. Felicity looked at me with a hi t of understanding. That's when I remembered. Five years ago. The exact same thing happened to her before she had Amiya.

"Is she-" I was cut off by the worried nodds of Felicity. Then the worried nodds of Dinah. "How could this happen again?" Dinah asked, tears welling in her eyes. She was about to cry when Oliver came bursting in holding a screaming Amiya. She crawled over onto her mom's lap and hugged her tight. With that Dinah let out a groan before screaming out in pain. "Momma are you okay?" Amiya said. She let go of her mom and crawled into my lap. I explained to her that mommy wasn't feeling well and how she had a sore stomach. That's when Oliver finally got it.

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