Mint canary

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Dinah's p.o.v

Seven years later

I awoke to a seven year old on me and a twelve year old pulling him off.

"Morning momma" said Joshua. He was so excited it was the weekend.

"Good morning lovelies. How'd you sleep?" I asked. I got up to make breakfast.

"Good thanks momma. Can we go see uncle Ollie today. Please.... pretty please" Joshua pestered. He loved going to the Queen mansion. And playing video games with Thea.

"I'll see if it's okay with Oliver" I answered.

"Good thanks mom. Hey can we go to the bunker. I wanna spar with uncle Ollie or uncle John or Sara if she's back. Please please please can we go" Amiya said. She was five years older than Joshua but she acted just like him. Oliver had a surprise for me and Amiya so we were going to the bunker already.

After breakfast, I platted my daughter's silky, raven hair. We left for the bunker. Once we arrived I got really nervous. It was Joshua's first time going down there.

I let Amiya spar with Oliver and Dig teach Joshua how to fight. I loved watching them train. It's calming to know I can rely that they can protect themselves.

The elevator door opened. It was Sara. "Oh my gosh Dinah!! Hi!!" She exclaimed. She hugged everyone else and got up to date with all that is going on in Starling City.

I brought Joshua and Amiya over to Sara. "These are the new members of the team. Amiya and Joshua" I said. Sara pulled them into a hug.

"Hi!! My name is Sara. You can call me Aunty Sara" she said in a bubbly mood.

"Uncle John is teaching me how to fight!" Joshua said and went off with Dig.

"Uncle Ollie is sparring with me! One day I wanna be the next black canary!!" Amiya exclaimed and went off with Oliver.

Sara had a huge smile on her face. "Who's kids are these?" She said confused. She loved kids. Really loved them.

"Mine" I said. Sara hugged and congratulated me. Then we went to the third mat and started sparring. I needed to get my mind off of the 'suprise' Oliver had planned.

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