Mint canary

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The night after the particle accelerator went off left Dinah Drake with some shocking news. Will Dinah ever tell Oliver, John, Curtis, Rene, and Quentin why she is acting so weird.

Action / Fantasy
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Dinah's p.o.v

The night after I was set free from my captors was the worst night of my life. The night after I watched my fiance die. The night after I got my canary cry. I thought the torture was over. It was just beginning.

I awoke to a sharp pain coursing through my stomach. At first I thought nothing of it, it was just hunger. Still clenching my stomach I sat up. A wave of nausea washed over me. I hurtled to the bathroom, just making it to the toilet to fling my head over it and throw up. About five minutes later I heard a knock on my apartment door. "It's open!!" I managed to say before another wave of nausea hit me.

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